Trending Now: GOP Senator Ted Cruz Asking For Information From Stacey Abrams’ New Group As It Advances To Impose Gas Stoves Ban

The Republican Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz has ordered information from the left-wing defense group, Rewiring America (which recently employed former House Rep. from Georgia, Stacey Abrams) and the Rocky Mountain Institute on the part they played in the imposition of the de facto ban on gas stoves. 

Cruz, a top GOP lawmaker on the Senate Commerce Committee, wrote several letters to the groups this Wednesday in order to know what studies and reports Biden and his management have relied on to proceed with such laws on gas stoves. 

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He noted that groups proceeded with the reports that the authorities, precisely the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Dept. of Energy, both depended on in pushing forward the law for gas stoves. 

Cruz wrote in the letter that he sent to the CEO of Rewiring America, Ari Matusiak: 

“While the Biden administration’s efforts to extinguish gas stoves were only recently exposed, Rewiring America was apparently created for this purpose.”

The letter added:

“Cofounder Saul Griffith explained in a 2020 blog post that Rewiring America was created “to address climate change… by electrifying everything.”

Cruz also mentioned Matusiak’s public statement he gave in August last year, where he declared: 

“Where we need to go from a climate perspective is to electrify what amounts to a billion machines across the 121 million households that people rely on to get to and from work, heat the air and water in their homes, cook their food and dry their clothes.”

Cruze noted: 

“Moreover, Rewiring America’s Facebook page reads like a sale-pitch for induction stoves and heat pumps.”

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