Trending Now: Alejandro Mayorkas Gets Severely Grilled With Calls For His Resignation As 1,000 Illegal Aliens Rush Towards El Paso Border Pass

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Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has been at the frontlines of the southern border crisis. He has provided countless videos of migrants illegally crossing into the country. 

Last weekend, Melugin posted scenes where mobs of people were trying to bust into the U.S. in El Paso, TX. 

The group attempted to rush the border at a point of entry. On the Mexican side of the border stood two lines of Mexican military personnel.

On the U.S. side, there were physical barriers, barbed wire, and CBP officers wearing crowd control gear to try to stop the invasion. 

The Texas Tribune reported that most of the people were from Venezuela and believed that they were going to be allowed to come into the country.

Butler County, Ohio, Sheriff Richard Jones, shared his view of the crisis in an interview on “Fox & Friends First” Monday morning. He made a recent visit to the border. 

“There are places on the border where there’s not even any security. I’m asking for [Mayorkas] to resign immediately. He doesn’t tell the truth. If you don’t think our country is in crisis and all you got to do is see a thousand people rush the border, and they come across. They used to come across in the dark. Now they come across in the daylight.”

“There are 171 countries that come through Mexico and the United States. 171 different countries. They catch them from China. They come from Russia… We’re being invaded. For them to stand up and say the border is in great shape, they’re lying to each and every one of us.”

Jones brought up the fentanyl that’s killing our young people. He said Mexico is not going to do anything about the drug cartels, so the U.S. must.

“Our military needs to be involved and go into Mexico. We need to defend our country right now. And if that means the military has to go into Mexico, we should look at that. And we’ve got to stop this. 100,000 people die of fentanyl poisoning in the United States every single year. And that number is going up.”

Nancy Mace, a Republican House member from South Carolina, piled on Mayorkas as well.

“Our border is not secure,” Mace told “Fox & Friends First.” “Secretary Mayorkas is like a firefighter running away from a fire. He ought to be impeached for this. And this lawlessness has to end.

“This is unbelievable. They’re putting the lives of our Border Patrol at risk here by allowing this kind of thing to happen. We’re not following our laws. We allow them to come here illegally and stay here illegally without consequence. And you’re seeing the results of that today.”

“Secretary Mayorkas has buried his head in the sand,” she continued. “I wish that we could impeach him for the crappy job he’s clearly doing about the border.”

The big question is, “Why can’t we?” He is not following the laws of this country. He has intentionally undermined the sovereignty of our nation.

He has violated his oath of office and abused the powers of his office. This man has failed at his job!

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