“Too much at stake” Fox News Host Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Joe Biden and Suggests Invoking The 25th Amendment To Remove Biden From Office

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson sounds off on the current President of the United States, Joe Biden. In a segment, Tucker Carlson believes that Joe Biden should be removed from office for Joe Biden’s inability to regulate his emotions.

Joe Biden has put on clear display that he is unable to do is job effectively. Joe Biden has been a complete joke as a US President and the results are showing.

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The United States is struggling as a country and is falling to the regime of China. Gas prices are skyrocketing as the national average for gas is at an all time high. More and more people are starting to wake up to the disastrous term of President Joe Biden.

Fox News reported in a Tucker Carlson Segment:

He seemed to be at times afraid to speak for fear of tripping over words or forgetting them. Several times the camera caught him just staring out into the middle distance. He was apparently absorbed in memory. When Biden did manage to focus his attention, he seemed highly annoyed.

Whatever the cause, Democratic primary voters were not impressed by his performance. Joe Biden’s numbers dropped 10 points overnight. Now, the Biden campaign has never explained what exactly happened to Joe Biden that night in Miami, but whatever it was, it never got fixed. It continues. From that day until now, probably the most authentic feature of Joe Biden’s public performances has been his anger. It seems to come over him in waves.

“Putin’s price hike? I guess the question is, how much dumb propaganda do they think we’re going to believe? To think it’s Putin’s price hike, you’d have to be like a moron. Our central bank has made the dollar near worthless, and they’ve been doing this for like more than a decade.”

It would’ve been nice if Biden said I’m going to get Russian troops out of Ukraine and that will help everybody, and everybody, including us, would have applauded. But he can’t do that. So instead, he’s going to destroy Russia’s economy, but he couldn’t do that even. It turns out the Russian economy is based on commodities, it’s not based on finance, it’s not like our economy,”

 Tucker Stated, “So if you think it is Putin’s price hike, I guess they do expect we do think that, but the bottom line is Russia invades Ukraine. It’s appalling. Everyone agrees but our response to it, does it hurt Putin? No, it hurts the United States. We’re the real victims.”

Tucker Carlson then goes on to add:

“The joke is over. Too much is at stake. If there ever was a time – if there was in U.S. history ever a time to invoke the 25th amendment, it is now. As Joe Biden himself put it, ‘For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.’ For all our sakes.”

Tucker Carlson believes its time for this joke of presidency to be over. Our country is not to be played with.

Too much is at stake and we cannot sit back and allow Joe Biden to ruin our country even more than he already has.

Do you believe invoking the 25th amendment is A good idea?

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