“Thugs” Are The “Militia Wing” Of The Democratic Party; Radio Host Mark Levin Tells It Like It Is About Antifa and BLM

Just this past Sunday, Mark Levin, host of the immensely popular ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ show, slammed Democrats for their cynical embrace of far-Left groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa (ironical shorthand for “anti-fascist”) for the “soft tyranny” and willingness to commit quiet moral blackmail in the service of their agenda.

Levin, took aim at the neo-Marxist rhetoric and ideologies inculcated in the vile, albeit masquerading as virtuous, groups such as BLM and Antifa. He stated pointedly, “You have Black Lives Matter and Antifa — I look at these as the militia wing now of the Democrat Party,” said Levin. “What am I talking about? In these autocratic regimes, in these Marxist, fascist regimes, what do they have? They have their thugs.” Levin went on to say, correctly, that “…all through last summer, their thugs were burning cities, attacking cops, assaulting people, killing people, and the media supported it”. One could add that any criticism of these “mostly peaceful protests” would be met with a barrage of charges of racism, bigotry, xenophobia,etc. This is a disease that is poisoning the well of intellectual inquiry will higher and higher potency.

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Levin also said, as reported by FOX News, “”You see the demands when it comes to vaccines. You see bureaucrats shutting down businesses purposely. You see Democrats and Republicans in Congress getting together on an infrastructure bill. Twenty-seven hundred pages, one point two trillion dollars. You have people on television, so-called Republicans, promoting it who have no idea what’s in it and all the social manipulation and social engineering that they attach to these spending bills. That’s not a representative republic. That’s not a constitutional republic. That’s not a federal republic. You know what that is? It’s what Thomas Jefferson called it. That’s tyranny by legislature,” he said”.

Tyranny by legislature and, perhaps, tyranny by (at the risk of redundancy) moral blackmail in the form of immunizing themselves form criticism by responding to said charges with the typical cries of racism. Levin is dead-on in his assessment of these groups and the Democrats for either being actively complicit in it or their pandering endorsement of it.

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