This Just In: Kari Lake Delivers Bombshell Announcement, Will Release ‘Absolutely Stunning’ Information On Midterm Election

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Kari Lake is refusing to bow out quietly- and we love her for it. After the scandalous election process in the Arizona governor’s race, Lake has been on a quest to turn the tide of America’s election procedures.

The best part about it- she’s winning.

She recently went on an interview with The JD Rucker show where she had this to say:

“With the information that we’re going to be putting out,” Lake revealed, “as we’re triple checking it is – I think it’s absolutely stunning…I do believe it will be information that wakes people up.”

She continued, “A lot of the information that’s come out has been stunning to me.”

Lake is currently appealing her election lawsuit in the aftermath of election day chaos in Maricopa County. As reported by RSBN, Lake is set to appeal her lawsuit against her Democrat opponent and former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs as well as Maricopa County election officials on Feb. 1.

In her interview, Lake stated that she thought it would be “hard” for the election problems in Maricopa County to be blamed on “just a couple people.”

“That’s my gut,” she added.

In another interview with Addison Smith on “In Focus,” Lake again discussed her fight for the integrity of Arizona’s election. Her comment comes amid rumors in the mainstream media that claimed she was considering an Arizona Senate bid in 2024.

There’s also been a slew of rumors that she could be joining Trump’s team in his presidential bid. But she shut those rumors down stating she wanted to take care of her home state first.

“My focus is 100 percent on my election lawsuit,” Lake said. “The people of Arizona were done wrong.

“Their sacred vote was trampled upon. And I am fighting to restore honest elections in Arizona…I want to be very obvious here…D.C. is messed up, it’s corrupt. Arizona is corrupt and we need good people in the Senate, in our governor’s office, at the state level and at the federal level to fight this corruption.”

She concluded, “So, I am focused right now on winning this election and getting Katie Hobbs thrown out of the governor’s office.”

And that right there is why she’s a darling in the conservative ranks. She won’t back down from anyone. She’ll keep fighting for the right thing even after the media and state politics have tried to shut her down.

Nor should she.

Katie Hobbs was the secretary of state during the gubernatorial race in Arizona and was in control of the entire election process. How was this allowed to happen?

She certified her own results that led to her getting the governor’s seat.

That’s corruption at its finest. Lake is right to continue her fight. We haven’t seen the last of her yet. America loves you, Lake. Stay strong.

2 thoughts on “This Just In: Kari Lake Delivers Bombshell Announcement, Will Release ‘Absolutely Stunning’ Information On Midterm Election

  1. Kari will win, truth will pre-vail, the tide is finally turning..even Joe Con & hopefully Kamala too will get thrown out—very corrupt and evil people, that surely deserves prison time.

  2. I see Katie Hobbs as having had an irreconcilable conflict of interest and therefore should have recused herself from the election proceedings.

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