THIS IS SO CONCERNING! According To A New Poll Americans Have Gotten Financially Worse Off Since Biden Took Office


According to a recent poll, a large number of Americans claim that their finances have gotten worse since President Joe Biden and his administration.

More than 40% of the Americans who participated in the ABC News/Washington Post poll claimed to suffer from the worst financial situation since Biden took office. In the last 37 years, this was the highest number of individuals polled.

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Only 16% of the participants claimed to be better since after Biden’s inauguration in Jan. 2021.

Compared with Trump’s tenure, only 13% claimed to be financially disturbed, while the rest 25% of the participants were satisfied.

The poll also concluded that the previous president Donald Trump could smoothly beat Biden in a hypothetical match. According to the polling, 48% of the participants favored Trump for the 2024 presidential run, while only 44% favored Biden. If the pole participants are filtered to registered voters only, it will change the results by just 1%. 

The poll results have puzzled the Democratic Party members on whether to support Biden for the upcoming presidential elections or if they should replace him. 

Numerous Democratic leaders are concerned about Biden’s age, as it might bother the voters from backing his election campaign.

The participants who claimed to be Democratic or independents, only 44% of them favored Biden as the 2023 presidential nominee. Around 49% suggested that the Democratic Party should choose someone else to lead.

In July last year, when a reporter asked Biden about a poll that revealed many Democrats don’t want him to run for the presidency again, Biden furiously lashed out at the reporter.

In response, Biden yelled:

“They want me to run. You guys are all the same. That poll showed that 92% of Democrats if I ran, would vote for me.”

Biden will probably be praising his economic policies in the State of the Union speech he will address on Tuesday. Meanwhile, wage growth has been decreasing constantly, and the unemployment rate stayed low, which is the result of massive inflation waves. 

The poll also discovered that more than 50% of Americans are not satisfied with Biden’s performance, while only 42% were satisfied with his performance.

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