THIS IS SERIOUS! Rep. Biggs Blasts Secretary Mayorkas Over His Handling Of Border Crisis; Says “Cannot Go Another Two Years” With Mayorkas Controlling The Border

Credits Anna Moneymaker, Pablo Martinez Monsivais

On Sunday, ‘Fox News Live’ featured the GOP Rep from Arizona, Andy Biggs, to talk about the measures taken by the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, concerning the border issues.

Biggs suggested an investigation into Mayorkas’ leadership and his impeachment, as his handling of the border crisis is affecting the United States and its citizens drastically.  

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Rep. Andy Biggs stated:

“Right now, our border’s controlled by Mexican drug cartels, and we have increasing human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and it’s being done intentionally. There isn’t anybody that’s not going to say that this is being done intentionally, at least as far as having the border open and the ramifications.”

He added:

“So I say let’s go ahead and get started if you’re ready. If you want to do an inquiry, let’s do the inquiry. But, if we’re going to sit around and talk about it and not have any action on this to investigate and then proceed with normal due process rights for Secretary Mayorkas, then I think you’re making a huge mistake because we just don’t have the time. We can’t go for another two years with 5 million people illegally entering the country.”

Since the Biden administration came into power, there has been a massive influx of illegal immigrants across the U.S. Many of these migrants are being used for drug trafficking by several Mexican cartels. 

Mayorkas and the Biden administration should be held accountable for their lax border policies. 

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