‘This Is Our Reality,’ Says Glenn Greenwald Of The Media’s Cover Up Of President Joe Biden’s Son, Hunter Biden

Photo Source: Hunter Biden children: Meet Beau, Navy, Finnegan, Maisy and Naomi – Ghanafuo.com

Glenn Greenwald, an investigative journalist, has slammed the mainstream media for what he perceives as conspiracy with federal officials to hide presidential son Hunter Biden from investigation in the last weeks of the 2020 presidential election cycle.

Greenwald laid out his case against the media in a Twitter thread following the publication of a story by The New York Times on Friday that appeared to confirm October 2020 reporting by the New York Post.

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Based on information gleaned from a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop the previous year, citing examples of how outlets bought into claims by dozens of US intelligence community officials at the time that the materials looked like part of a “Rubygate” plot.

Greenwald, who co-founded The Intercept, resigned when editors instructed him to sanitize his own research on then-Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and their former business links with both China and Ukraine.

In his Twitter thread, he claimed that multiple media sites collaborated in a “organized attempt” to protect the Bidens. The thread arose when the Times, in addition to verifying that Hunter Biden is still under federal investigation, also said, maybe inadvertently, that the emails discovered on the laptop were genuine.

Prosecutors, according to people familiar with the case, studied communications between Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer, and others concerning Burisma and other international commercial operations.

The New York Times received the emails from a cache of information that seemed to be from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the collection were verified by persons who were acquainted with them and the investigation.

According to The Daily Wire, The New York Post’s Miranda Devine, author of “The Laptop From Hell,” none of the senior ex-intelligence officials who swore that reports about Hunter Biden were “Russian disinformation” were willing to retract their statements.

“Spies who lie: The @nypost reached out to the senior ex-intelligence officials who signed the disgraceful 2020 letter claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop and the emails we published to be Russian misinformation.” Nobody apologized.

Most people declined to comment. “A few, like as James Clapper, redoubled their efforts,” she tweeted. Greenwald replied to Devine’s tweet, and the Post’s editorial board wrote an op-ed in which the ex-intelligence personnel were singled out.

“It’s awful that the @NYPost is one of the few major US newspapers prepared to hold the cretins in the US security establishment accountable for the falsehoods they lied about the Biden emails being ‘Russian misinformation’ – aimed to impact the 2020 election – but that’s our reality,” Greenwald said.

“These ‘former intelligence officers’ – trained professional disinformation operatives who were intended to control the politics of other nations, not the US’ – have the same disrespect for the people as the media outlets they command: they refuse to recognize their falsehoods,” he continued.

Greenwald then shared a link to a podcast that he said revealed further information about the incident, while also criticizing his previous publication for its involvement in spreading the ‘Russian disinfo’ story.

In addition to the former US intelligence officers who failed to admit they were incorrect, Greenwald pointed out that media outlets were not revising their prior reportage on the “CIA lie.”

“By the way, it’s been 48 hours since the media they designate as ‘The Paper of Record’ said that the emails in the Hunter Biden collection detailing Joe’s actions were validated.”

“Not a single media organization that disseminated the CIA deception has recognized or repudiated their lies,” he claims. “At the time the CIA persuaded a large number of corporate publications to disseminate its falsehood that the Biden laptop was ‘Russian disinformation,’ actual reporters at the WPost cautioned Biden regularly maligns embarrassing stories as ‘Russian misinformation’ with no proof,” Greenwald wrote.

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