This Is Massive: Republican Rep Rips Biden Apart, Initiates’ Investigation For Influence Peddling With Our Adversaries’


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The Joe Biden classified documents scandal gets bigger every day. 

Podcast host, Dan Bongino, has been screaming for a few weeks that the real meat of the scandal isn’t that Biden had classified documents in various locations. 

The real scandal is how the information was used by Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family to peddle influence with foreign countries. 

Kentucky Congressman James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, went on Fox News and confirmed the possibility that Bongino’s theory is correct. 

Comer told Fox News that the president is not only being investigated for mishandling classified documents but “he’s also being investigated for influence peddling with our adversaries around the world.”

Fox News asked the Congressman if he thought it was more concerning that Biden claims not to have known he had the documents and was not moving them around because no one knows who had access to them. 

Comer said, “Yeah, who knows? I think it’s a bigger concern that Joe Biden didn’t know he had the documents, and he has no idea how the documents got from point A to point B to point C. That’s what should concern every American.”

Comer said that they are “bringing in the National Archives tomorrow for a transcribed interview. We’re going to ask all of these questions, and hopefully we’ll have some answers for the American people very soon.”

The Congressman was then asked, “Is it normal for VP’s to take their notebooks with them when they leave office?”

Comer confirmed that “nothing that Joe Biden has done with respect to mishandling these classified documents is normal.” 

He said, “Take into consideration that he’s also being investigated for influence peddling with our adversaries around the world. And it’s even more concerning, look, more information comes out every day, where his son, especially as well as his two brothers, have had shady business dealings with our adversaries around the world.”

Comer goes on to outline the Biden family business of which most Americans are unaware. 

He told Fox News, “And part of what they would do when they would make a pitch to these shady characters in these foreign countries is prove to them that they actually had direct access to their brother and that they had direct access to people at the highest levels of our federal government. 

“So when we learned that Joe Biden had classified documents spread all over the place, and that Hunter Biden especially lived in his house where he had those classified documents, we became extra concerned. And that’s why this investigation is of the utmost importance for the United States Congress as well as the American people.”

Don’t get distracted by the noise surrounding the discovery of the classified documents. The real story is about who had access to the information and how it was used to peddle influence around the world with America’s adversaries. 

The House Oversight Committee will also take a look at the evidence on the Hunter Biden laptop that ties into all of this. 

In addition, the committee wants to show the American people that the federal government tried to suppress this story in conjunction with the FBI and Twitter. 

Buckle up! We’re in for a bumpy ride! 

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