This Is Beautiful: Heroic Deputy Sacrifices His Own Self & Puts His Life On The Line To Save his Wife – Fortunately, There Was A Miracle


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It is easy to forget about the innate goodness and benevolence in people. Especially in today’s charged climate where all we seem capable of discussing with each other is politics which guarantees coming away with a less than optimal view of people.

Well, here is a little bit of bright light in the darkness. Here is a story of heroism and sacrifice that might just invigorate your optimism glands.

So, it is now being reported that WBIR that:

Raymond Surber, a 31-year-old deputy with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, was driving a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado on August 1 when he struck ACSO Reserve Deputies Lucas and Nicole Shoffner around 11:17 p.m., according to a Tennesee Highway Patrol report.

ACSO said Lucas and Nicole both suffered injuries, but Lucas took the brunt of the vehicle. 

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The couple was attempting to repair a dirt bike alongside a roadway when they were struck, a Facebook post by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office said. 

Matt Fagiana, a former Loudon County sergeant who now works for the Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, said Lucas “100 percent saved Nicole’s life” by shoving her to the side.

“Let’s start praying for our buddy. If anyone is deserving of a second chance at life, it’s this guy. He’s kind, he’s loyal, he’s funny and he’s as strong as a damn ox,” Fagiana said. “You got this Lucas and we are behind you and Nicole every step of the way.”

WBIR went on to report that:

Lucas sustained very serious head injuries and is in the Transplant Intensive Care Unit at the UT Medical Center. He is currently “fighting for his life,” according to the ACSO. 

The LCSO said Lucas was placed under a medically induced coma. On Monday, Fagiana said Lucas was being weaned off the paralytic but was still fully sedated.

“[Lucas] is an incredible young man who has devoted his entire career to serving his country and community,” the ACSO said in its post. “You don’t find much better than Lucas.” 

“Deputy Shoffner has participated in several region-wide community events alongside our Loudon County Sheriff’s Office Family and is loved by many of us,” LCSO said in its post. “Lucas, everyone at LCSO is pulling for you!”

Surber has been with CCSO since 2012 and was presented with the Medal of Valor in 2015.

It was further reported that:

Word spread of Lucas’ heroic act, and soon the nation came together to help the couple. A friend of the couple set up a Go Fund Me, which raised just under $100,000 within a couple of months.

The outlet went on to report that:

Months after the accident, Nicole was reportedly still unable to stand without immense pain. Still, she said she was grateful to be alive and credited her survival to her husband Lucas, who was slowly making progress but faced a lifelong battle.

There is no greater love than one who would sacrifice their life for another, and Lucas perfectly embodies this platitude. He and his wife spent years putting their lives on the line for their community, and thankfully, the community has since stepped up to show their appreciation.

The word “miracle” is often used. We’ve often used it ourselves. In fact, back in 2020, we reported that President Donald Trump said that a COVID treatment he was treated with after being diagnosed with Covid-19 will be delivered to hospitals soon, but that they are “waiting for the emergency use authorization.” But he promised it would be delivered “very soon”.

After spending a few days at Walter Reed Medical Center as a precaution against the disease, the President it back in the White House and has reached the 10 day mark after exposure. His doctor says that he is no longer a risk of transmission and is safe to return the campaign trail and other in person engagements. Follow The Raging Patriot for more on this story as it develops.

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