The Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom Movement

California residents are leaving the state at a high rate for greener pastures.  There are currently a plethora of issues in the state.  The political leadership has been called into question in a big way recently.  

Some Californians are fed up with Governor Gavin Newsom.  So much so that a recall of Gov. Newsom is becoming a reality.  According to the website, RecallGavin2020, the movement needs 1,495,709 signatures and as of the writing of this article has about 60% of the required signatures.   

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The website argues that this is not a partisan issue saying, “Everywhere you look, the failures of Governor Newsom are obvious and appalling to everyone. For this reason, the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign is not conservative or liberal, or right or left, or Republican or Democrat. This is a mass uprising.”

Anne Dunsmore, who has a big role with Rescue California 2021, views Gov. Newsom’s extravagant dinner during the pandemic as a major reason for his removal (Phillips).  It became an infamous moment because of the images that came out “…showing the governor without a mask at a time when he was imploring people not to socialize with friends and wear a face covering when going out and being around others” (Phillips).

Some reasons for the recall are the tax rates in the state, Gov. Newsom’s handling of the pandemic, and the homelessness problem to name a few.  Gov. Newson acknowledged the movement at the beginning of the summer and claimed that his removal would cost $81 million  (Ballotpedia).    

People are already leaving the state at a high rate.  A little over 650,000 residents moved out of the state in 2019.  Well under 500,000 new residents moved in that same year (Escalante).  

You can find the link to the “Recall Gavin Newsom” website here: https://recallgavin2020.com/ 

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