The Media Covers The Failure of Kamala Harris by Glorifying The Fly

Many on the right have claimed victory for Mike Pence after he and Kamala Harris took center stage in Salt Lake City on Wednesday. The debate was filled with a lot of different topics and many argumentative exchanges between the two. There was one moment that the media has been oddly glorifying from the debate, which was when a small fly landed on Mike Pence’s head for a short period of time during the debate.

The media talking about the fly more than they talked about the details of what was said is exactly what is wrong with our media today. There were many newsworthy moments during the debate, but we are acting like little children and laughing over the fly. The media is known to be left biased and this only confirms this even more as the media tries to cover for the failure of Kamala Harris at the debate. Mike Pence was measured in his responses and he was effective in exposing the lies and corruption of the democratic ticket. This should be what the media is talking about but it is not, so it is our job as citizens of this nation to talk to each other about what was heard during the debate, because our media is only going to make memes about the fly this time around.

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