The Matt Walsh Documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ Suppressed by Twitter Before Elon Musk Stepped In 

Daily Wire

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Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing planned to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” documentary by posting it to Twitter for 24 hours for Twitter users to watch. 

Boreing said that Twitter initially agreed to allow the Daily Wire to purchase a package to “host the movie on a dedicated event page and to promote [it] to every Twitter user over the first 10 hours.” 

Following the signing of the agreement, Twitter reneged and warned Boreing that it would limit exposure and label it as “hateful conduct” because there are parts of the film where people are “misgendered.” 

Boreing said: “We posted the two clips flagged by Twitter and they were indeed labeled ‘hateful conduct’ and the share functions were disabled on the posts.”

“We are trying to reach your team to determine what this means for those posts, whether or not our event tonight will be allowed to proceed unencumbered, and whether or not we will be allowed to purchase the live event page and reach block as originally agreed,” he added.

The Twitter team objected to a part of the film in which a dad refers to his daughter as “her” when she presumably identifies as a boy and when a store owner in the film called a trans person by the “wrong” pronouns. 

“They gave us the opportunity to edit the film to comply,” he added. “We declined.”

Elon Musk responded to Boreing’s statement about the incident by tweeting, “This was a mistake by many people at Twitter. It is definitely allowed. Whether or not you agree with using someone’s preferred pronouns, not doing so is at most rude and certainly breaks no laws.”

According to Life Site News, “He made good, with two Twitter executives from the ‘trust and safety team’ leaving the company, and Musk confirming that the departures had to do with the initially disastrous rollout of What is a Woman? on Twitter. The attempt by these execs, it turns out, created the ‘Streisand Effect’—when an attempt to censor something results in far more people hearing about it.”

As of this writing, the creation of the “Streisand Effect” was real. The film has had more than 170 million views on Twitter and was shared tens of thousands of times. 

While Musk said that he uses preferred pronouns to be polite, he is not on board regarding puberty blockers for children. 

“This is a major problem,” he tweeted about the dangers of puberty blockers. “I will be actively lobbying to criminalize making severe, irreversible changes to children below the age of consent. Shame on those who advocate this! It is utterly contemptible.” 

Musk is not one to back down from the mob. He has received hate and criticism from the Left for allowing free speech on the social media platform. 

There is no doubt that trans activists will be gunning for him even more for allowing a film that exposes the dangers of the trans movement. 

Is Musk too wealthy and too powerful to be canceled? It seems as though he might be. 

One thought on “The Matt Walsh Documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ Suppressed by Twitter Before Elon Musk Stepped In 

  1. I watched this documentary…I highly recommend it for shedding light on the evil perverted trans society in the U.S.A. and those supporting it.

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