The Emergence of Critical Race Theory

Have you heard of Critical Race Theory in the news recently? Do you know what it is and what it teaches? If you desire to become educated on this topic, one of the best places to go is to listen to this short 30 minute interview about it here from The Rubin Report.

President Trump Denounces Critical Race Theory

Recently, President Trump denounced Critical Race Theory by name. Many news outlets have portrayed this as a “racist move” because it bans the trainings from occurring in anywhere in the federal government. Americans everywhere need to become aware of the lies that are being taught. This type of neo-Marxism that creates this divide is bad for the citizens of this country. America is the most free nation on earth for citizens of every skin color. Why would any American embrace the idea of destroying what we have for an ideology that has nothing but evil surrounding it? For this reason alone, Americans on the left and right need to support the current President to ensure that this type of lie doesn’t continue to spread. We must fight the lie or we will live with the consequences.

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Has Your Business Been Infected?

You can know if your business has been infected with this terrible idea if they are doing racial sensitivity trainings. The Marxist lie of white privilege and white superiority have infiltrated nearly every school and business in this nation. If your business has been infected, do everything in your power to oppose this self destructive theory. If enough Americans wake up to this we might have a chance to stop it. Inform yourself on this topic and teach your peers, because this might be the most important battle we currently face.

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