The Attorney General For Texas Has Filed A Lawsuit Over Immigration And Asylum Procedures With The Biden Administration; “Biden Found A Way To Make It Worse, So I’m Suing”


It was recently reported that the state of Texas has filed another immigration-related lawsuit against the Biden administration following changes to asylum and parole procedures along the border deemed illegal.

The suit filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton is the 11th one related to border and immigration issues.

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“I protested the proposed version of these rules back in October 2021, and, unsurprisingly, Biden found a way to make it worse, so I’m suing,” Paxton noted in a statement.

“The last thing Texas needs is for this Administration to make it easier for illegal aliens to enter the U.S. and obtain asylum through false claims and less oversight.

We know what’s going to happen when the rule goes into effect in May 2022: wave upon wave of illegal aliens claiming ‘asylum,’” he continued.

“It’s true that our immigration system is extremely backlogged.

But the answer is to secure the border, not overwhelm it even more by enacting cheap, easy incentives for illegal aliens to get into the United States,” he added.

According to his complaint, Paxton seeks to block the Department of Homeland Security from implementing a policy changing the system of processing illegal migrants who claim to fear persecution in their home countries, The Daily Wire notes.

Texas Tribune went on to report that Texas has filed nearly two dozen lawsuits in Texas-based federal courts, most of them led by Paxton, against the Biden administration over everything from federal mask mandates to the administration’s decision to halt the long-disputed Keystone XL pipeline. Trump-appointed judges have heard 16 of the cases and ruled in favor of Texas in seven. The other nine are pending as of March 15.

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The state’s favorite targets have been Biden’s immigration policies, which have sparked seven of the 20 lawsuits in Texas courts. Paxton’s office has also sued the administration in Washington, D.C., federal courts and joined lawsuits led by attorneys general from other states.

So far, Paxton has been successful in stopping or altering Biden’s immigration policies in four of those cases, including one of the most consequential ones: forcing the Biden administration to reverse course and resume the Migrant Protection Protocols, a Trump-era policy also known as “remain in Mexico” that makes asylum-seekers wait in Mexico as their legal cases go through U.S. immigration courts. Kacsmaryk ruled in favor of Texas in that case.

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