‘That Is Nonsense… Stop It!’: Ron DeSantis Calls This Reporter’s BS Out To His Face After Insane Accusation

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As Hurricane Ian was threatening the west coast of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference to update citizens and visitors to the state on the storm. 

The governor is under immense pressure to get it right because all eyes are on him. The leftwing media can’t wait to pounce on the governor who became a household name during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Fortunately, Governor DeSantis knows how to handle the vitriol that comes from the left. He calls them out every time! And this time was no different. 

When it was time to take questions, DeSantis was prepared for the political games. One reporter stated, “FEMA Administrator [Deanne] Criswell said today that she acknowledged concerns that Florida [inaudible] lacks response to the storm so far and that–” the reporter began before DeSantis shut it down. 

He laid out all that had been done to prepare the state for the impending storm. 

“Woah, woah, woah. Give me a break! That is nonsense. Stop politicalizing it,” DeSantis said

The governor reiterated that he declared a state of emergency very early on and he’s had the right people in place working around the clock to make sure the state is prepared when the storm makes landfall. 

“You’re trying to attack me, I get. But like, you’re attacking these other people who have worked very hard. So that’s totally false,” he continued.

FEMA Administrator Criswell made an appearance at a White House briefing and was referring to the fact that the Gulf region of Florida has not had a direct hit by a hurricane of this magnitude in a long time. It was not a reference to the state’s response. 

That didn’t stop the reporter from twisting it that way. Other outlets like Politico tried to twist the FEMA administrator’s words as well. 

She expressed concerns that Floridians might not heed the warnings coming from state and local officials, especially those who are new to the state. Before issuing a correction, Politico claimed that Criswell was concerned about a “lax response.” 

“The media can’t help themselves – everything must be politicized. No opportunity to smear opponents is too low. This reporter misrepresented FEMA Director’s words,” the DeSantis War Room tweeted. 

At the time, the massive storm was gearing up to be a Category 5 hurricane. Only four stronger storms have made landfall in the U.S. 

The strongest one came on Labor Day in 1935 with 185 mph winds. The most recent was Hurricane Michael in 2018 with winds of 160 mph. 

President Biden spoke this morning about the steps the White House is taking in response to Hurricane Ian. They issued a Disaster Declaration and are sending the FEMA administrator to Florida on Friday to check in on the response efforts. They’ll also assess where additional support is needed. The president and the governor are committed to “close coordination” to help the people of Florida. 

2 thoughts on “‘That Is Nonsense… Stop It!’: Ron DeSantis Calls This Reporter’s BS Out To His Face After Insane Accusation

  1. The reporter needs to be fired all of them they make up stuff all this crap the Democrat are doing is so wrong they are the crooks and liars

  2. Seems the left can’t say or do anything, unless they are undermining everything they can. The ones doing this should never be allowed to be anywhere near speech’s being given. The more they speak, the more they show us all what corruption they follow.

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