That Backfired: Man Purchases $80 Thousand Electric Truck Only To Realize It Takes Over 4 Days To Fully Charge

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Electric power has been a focus of special interest for some time. In the wake of a climate issue that has itself become marred in debate and dissent, how we power our cars has been a relevant argument that would axiomatically follow the climate discussion. Now, that conversation seems to have resurfaced after a man experienced what might be described as the ultimate buyer’s remorse. He was especially kind as to broadcast his humiliation as well.

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It is now being reported by BizPac Review that:

A YouTuber is claiming that the “quickest charging [electric] vehicle on the market right now” apparently takes quite a while to charge the battery from home.

The brief video suggests it could take up to four days to fully charge the new 2023 GMC Hummer, which could be an issue for consistent day-to-day activity let alone in an emergency in a worst-case scenario.

BPR went on to report that:

The narrator on the TFLEV automotive-focused channel says that “Just plugged it in at my house, 120 volt, using the Hummer cable. Level One charging…Right now it’s about 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, and it says it will be full by Saturday at 10:55, which is four-plus days of charging. Wow.”

A Level Two charger could get the job done in just 24 hours, however, according to the show-and-tell video.

“I have a Juice Box, Level Two charger, 240 volts at my garage,” the man explained. “Plug in Level Two charger; now it says it will be done tomorrow by 6:30, so about 24 hours of charging from four percent to 100 percent. It’s a 212 kilowatt-hour battery. Still takes a while.”

It was further reported by The Federalist Papers that:

To be fair, however, this won’t be how most Hummer owners will be charging their vehicle. Level 2 chargers are upgraded home stations which deliver a significantly higher amount of electricity than your regular home circuit would be able to deliver — but they require special equipment and installation.

According to Compare.com, the cost of a Level 2 charger is about $500 without installation, which must be done by a professional electrician.

It was further reported that:

However, our intrepid Hummer owner had one of those — the JuiceBox, a 240v charger, installed in his garage.

How much difference did that make? Not as much as you might think.

“Now it says it will be done tomorrow by 6:30 [p.m.],” the video narrator says. “So about 24 hours of charging from four percent to 100 percent.”

Of course, you don’t have to go to full charge; the vehicle’s screen says the Level 2 charger was adding 14 miles of range per hour. However, when you can fill a gas-powered truck in five minutes and not have to worry about installing a fast charger or leaving your truck plugged in every night, that’s not exactly easy or convenient.

And by the way, it’s not entirely cheap, either — especially if you decide you don’t want to charge your Hummer at home but at fast-charging stations that can get the job done in two hours.

In a broader context, debate around the energy industry has been (pardon the pun) heated. In fact, we reported back in August that Elon Musk spoke in Norway where he said that while it’s important to invest in renewable energy sources, nuclear power plants should also be kept open.“I want to thank the leaders and the people of Norway for their long-standing support,” Musk said. “I do think we actually need more oil and gas for civilization to function. But simultaneously moving fast to a sustainable energy economy.”

So, the debate rages on. Follow The Raging Patriot for more on this story as it develops.

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