Texas Protects Border – Biden’s DOJ Sues Texas

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Texas Protects Border – Biden’s DOJ Sues Texas The Biden administration’s approach to border security has been met with criticism and legal challenges, particularly in the state of Texas. One significant change in immigration policies under the Biden administration has been the rollback of several Trump-era immigration policies, including the “Remain in Mexico” policy and the construction of the border wall.

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These policy changes have been contributing to an increase in illegal immigration and a border crisis. The border crisis and increased illegal immigration have prompted the Biden administration to take action, including filing lawsuits against Texas.

The administration has sued Texas over the installation of floating barriers on the Rio Grande at a popular crossing spot, arguing that the state has violated federal law by installing these barriers without proper authorization. The Justice Department has warned Texas officials that the federal government will sue the state unless the barriers are removed.

The lawsuit filed by the Biden administration seeks to force Texas to remove the barriers. Governor Abbott has responded to the lawsuit by stating “see you in court”. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading a coalition of 20 states in suing the administration over a federal migrant parole program.

Critics argue that the administration’s approach to border security encourages illegal immigration, contributing to a crisis at the US-Mexico border along with increased drug smuggling activity most notably Fentanyl. Additionally, Texas is arguing in a lawsuit that the administration’s use of a phone app called CBP One is encouraging illegal immigration.

The ongoing legal battles between the Biden administration and Texas highlight the contentious nature of border security and the differing approaches to addressing the issue.

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