Texas Democrats In No-Win Situation, Governor Holds Their Feet To The Fire With 2nd Special Session To Vote On Voter Reform

Twitter screenshot, Courtesy of Governor Greg Abbott

Texas House Democrats, who claimed they were doing the responsible thing, fled the state to prevent the needed quorum to vote on an election integrity bill, are now finding themselves between a rock and a hard place.

The special session that they ran away from ended at midnight Friday night.

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So, they can all come home from DC now, right?

Not so fast says Governor Greg Abbott.

The representatives faced arrest if they returned home to the Lone Star State during the session, which would in turn force them to vote.

The expiration of the special session was the only thing that would allow the Democrats to return home unscathed.

Now, they had a 12-hour window to return, and leave again if they chose to continue shirking their duties as described by the Texas Constitution and expected by their constituents.

But Abbott promised that these elected officials who ran away from doing what they are required by law to do would not be let off the hook.

“The Texas Legislature achieved a great deal during the 87th Legislative Session, and they have a responsibility to finish the work that was started,” said Governor Abbott. “I will continue to call special session after special session to reform our broken bail system, uphold election integrity, and pass other important items that Texans demand and deserve. Passing these Special Session agenda items will chart a course towards a stronger and brighter future for the Lone Star State.”

But even CNN understands that this is a no-win situation for these petulant children, saying:

“The question for those Democrats, who have been in Washington since mid-July, is what do they do next? Sure, they can stay in DC for the duration of this next special session — effectively calling Abbott’s bluff. But what if he is up to this game of chicken and calls another special session after this one expires? And another? And another?”

Do you agree with Abbott’s methodology? Are you in favor of elected officials playing games at constituents expense? Sound off in the comments below.

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