Ted Cruz DESTROYS progressive Cori Bush, calls her claim that Black Americans aren’t free in US ‘divisive lies’

On Monday, July 5th, Ted Cruz responded to Cory Bush’s controversial tweet claiming that “African Americans have no freedom” and the United States is “stolen land.”

“When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people,” Bush wrote, “This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.” Ted Cruz, Texas’s Republican Senator slammed her for this, deeming them as “Hateful, divisive lies.” Cruz wrote on Monday, “The Left hates America. Believe them when they tell you this.” Cruz also stated that Colin Kaepernick, a former NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49’ers “tried to spread the same lies on July 4” two years ago.

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In agreement with Bush, Former MSNBC anchor Touré took to social media to promote an editorial he wrote: “F*ck Independence Day. Not only were we not free, the whole reason the Colonies wanted independence was because Britain was moving toward abolishing slavery. Why would Black people celebrate a day so wrapped up in our enslavement?” he tweeted [FOX].

Maxine Waters also decided to tweet out anti-independence day tweets, her following tweets say, “July 4th… & so, the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. Equal to what? What men? Only white men? Isn’t it something that they wrote this in 1776 when African Americans were enslaved? They weren’t thinking about us then, but we’re thinking about us now!” her next tweet states the following, “Further, the Dec. of Ind. says we hold these truths to be “self-evident”… yet: 17 states have enacted voter suppression laws, Supreme Court gutted Sec. 5 of the Voting Rights Act, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice” [Daily Caller].

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  1. If they think they are slave here in USA why don’t they leave to another country. I mean GET OUT.

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