Team USA Just Removed A Player For Disrespecting America. Just Kidding, Here Is What They Really Did

YouTube screenshot, courtesy of PBNation

Megan Rapinoe and other members of the US women’s soccer team knelt before matches.

Gwen Berry turned her back on the national anthem during a medal ceremony. She even went on to say that it was played for the sole purpose of spiting her.

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Time and time again, we see members of teams representing the US on the world stage disrespecting our nation. And nothing is done. They are applauded and labeled as heroic.

But, finally, one member of a US team has been removed.

Did she kneel during the anthem? Raise a fist? Burn a flag?

Nope, she called a high school kid fat on social media.

Fitness trainer Jessica Maiolo was kicked of the Team USA women’s paintball team after she posted on TikTok that a hospitalized teen doesn’t need a COVID shot.

Appearing to speak to the boys mother, she said that what the young man really needs is a “f’ing treadmill.”

The video has since been deleted, but nothing disappears from the internet. The Daily Mail ran this story and shared a portion of the video.

Maiolo released a statement of her own via her Instagram account to her more than 12,000 followers.

Team USA released several statements, on, of which said in part:

“Team USA Paintball has no tolerance for discrimination or bullying of any kind. It has always been our highest priority to represent our country with integrity and respect.”

For the record, bullying and discrimination are abhorrent.

But, at the same time, what does it say about society when “fat-shaming” gets you fired…but flag-shaming is completely ok?

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