Someone’s Got Explaining To Do: Race-Baiting Black Airman EXPOSED For Faking “Racist” Text Messages In USAF Investigation

Source: AP News

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There was a Smollett in the Air Force. An airman at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona faked racist texts. The texts were shared on an Air Force Facebook page, where members often vent and share insider information.

The fake texts went viral because potential acts of racism are catnip for the left.

The texts said:

“We won’t be sending your name up for [redacted] at the squadron. Sorry about not telling you in person.”

Air Force Smollett asked:

“Is there a specific reason on to why I can’t?”

The response that got “woke warriors” all hot and bothered:

“We personally do not feel as if you are a good choice for the squadron. You currently have a shaving waiver which isn’t a professional image, and I think the air force is looking for somebody of white complexion and with the image that the air force needs.”

The world’s smallest violin began to play as Air Force Smollett said:

“This is the 3rd job that has been held over my head due to my looks, and something that’s based on personal preference, I will not talk about it, about it any further than what was just said. I know the commander would not agree with this.”

The airman who faked these texts will now face the Uniform Code of Military Justice punishment.

Fox News reported:

“The 56th Fighter Wing has concluded its investigation into reports that an airman was denied a special duty assignment by their supervisor based upon their demographic identity,” a Luke Air Force Base spokesman said in a statement Tuesday, according to Military.com. “Following an exhaustive investigation, authorities determined that the statements published did not occur and the text messages were fake.”…

According to a Task & Purpose report, the airman who was accused of sending the racist message was identified as a White technical sergeant and the recipient as a Black senior airman, both of whom served in the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron. The White technical sergeant was the senior airman’s manager and in charge of planning and scheduling maintenance, the report said.

The military is currently being weakened by “woke” culture. There has been a recruiting crisis, and the army has focused more on recruiting the “woke” rather than people who can get the job done.

Source: CNBC/Youtube

Luke Coffey, a Senior Fellow of the Hudson Institute, said:

“The latest figures show that only 23% of young men and women in the United States meet the criteria to join, whether that’s physical fitness, health, criminal background check.”

Creating maternity flight suits won’t help, but the Military doesn’t seem to understand that; it’s almost as if they want us to have a powerless military.

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