“Sleepy” Joe Forgets Congressman’s Name; Mother’s Attendance At White House Event

The latest wave in President Biden’s cascade of confusion hit with Tsunami-like force today as the alleged President gave an address from the White House’s Rose Garden. The address, which was to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, served as a blank canvas for which the President painted a small masterpiece of dopiness.

The first bar of this melody of mindlessness was sung when Biden began thanking the various congresspeople that had taken the time to attend. After thanking Senator Casey and Congressman Scott, Biden articulately went on to thank “Congressman [unintelligible]… where is he?”, before pointing at the nameless Congressman and clumsily thanking him for all his work. Much like the hiker who lost his way, Biden simply trailed off.

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Always one to outdo himself on points of loutish linguistics, Biden immediately followed up by bizarrely asking “where’s Mom?”, evidently asking if the mother of one of the present guests were in attendance. After looking around aimlessly at the crowd for a few seconds, he seems to be told off-camera that the present guest’s mother was in fact, watching via television.

Apparently thrilled to continue the spectacle he created, Biden says to someone off-camera that he was going to ask her stand up, though Mr. Biden did finally come to the profound realization the guest’s mother “can’t stand up if [she’s] home”.

The gaffe comes at an especially inopportune time for the President, as it was reported by “The Raging Patriot” just earlier today that according to a Rasmussen poll taken earlier this month, “51% of Likely U.S. Voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Biden, including 33% whose opinion is Very Favorable. Forty-eight percent (48%) view Biden unfavorably, including 39% who have a Very Unfavorable opinion of him.”.

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