Since May, Hundreds of Riot-related Cases Have Been Thrown Out by the Portland DA in the “Interest of Justice”

Since George Floyd was killed in May riots and protests have taken over the country. It seems each day we hear about a new riot somewhere and how a city has been left destroyed. Portland is one of those that has had the most riots. For more than 100 consecutive days chaos echoed Portland streets. A new report details that hundreds of cases related to the riots have been thrown out in the “interest of justice”.

The “Mass Demonstration/Protest Case” from the Multonomah County District Attorney’s office provides up to date information about crimes regarding Black Lives Matter-ANTIFA riots and protests in Portland. The report is designed to compile documents filing status, dropped cases, the reasons cases weren’t pursued, nature of crimes and demographic information. From the report it is found that from May 29 to October 5 nearly 1000 cases were brought before Multnomah County District Attorney’s office and nearly 70% of the cases were thrown out.

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The report says that 543 cases were rejected in the “interest of justice.” It also says that 44 cases were thrown due to “insufficient evidence,” 12 cases due to “a legal impediment,” and 67 cases are “pending investigative follow-up from law enforcement.”

In a press release District Attorney Mike Schmidt urged that transparency is a keystone in his administration. In August, Schmidt decided to decriminalize a long list of riot-related offenses. It’s interesting he says that transparency is so important to him and that these riot-related crimes are being completely dismissed, but he hasn’t given any additional information as to why they’re being thrown out. How is denying justice to those affected by the riots justified? The allowance of these riots and destruction must end. People’s lives are being turned upside down because democratic officials are refusing to condemn and punish those responsible.

Sources: The Post Millennial, Ngo Locals; Photo-KATU

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