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Since the 2016 election, the leftwing bias in the mainstream media has become more evident and influential than ever before. However, it wasn’t until recently until most people began to notice how biased and powerful big tech has become.

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For years, big tech has quietly censored conservative voices with ‘shadow ban’, a tool used to limit the reach of conservative users. In addition, big tech has removed countless conservative pages without any prior warnings.

Companies like Google also have had a massive effect on our elections by influencing your recommended searches as well as changing the order of what websites popup after searches.

Twitter has also become widely known for censorship, as they can manpulate what shows up on Trending lists, what hashtags are and aren’t allowed etc.

The most recent method of censorship used by big tech is known as ‘Fact Checks’, these fake fact checks censor conservatives as they disguises themselves as the truth. When ‘fact checked’ you page’s reach will be limited and your risk of being banned increases dramatically.

If you want to see an end to social media biases and want Section 230 repealed, than sign the petition above!

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