Should Be Impeached: “If I Run, And If I Win, He Will Not Be Leader” Mitch McConnell Receives Devastation News As Donald Trump Makes Major Statement

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It will be no great surprise to anyone that the name or even the word “Trump” will strike fear in most liberals and Democrats. However, there are a number of Republicans that won’t exactly welcome the name Trump with open arms either.

The most salient of these would have to be Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell. Former President Donald Trump ripped GOP Senator Mitch McConnell and called for his impeachment before promising if he wins the presidency again Mitch will not be Senate Leader.

It is now being reported by Fox News that:

Former President Donald Trump assailed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., in a radio interview Thursday and promised that if he runs for and wins the presidency again, there will be a new Republican leader. 

Trump torched the Kentucky lawmaker on “The John Fredericks Show,” calling McConnell “a bad guy” and saying he should be removed from office if he supports a Democratic-led effort to eliminate the debt ceiling — a legislative cap on how much money Congress can borrow to pay its bills. 

“It’s crazy what’s happening with this debt ceiling. Mitch McConnell keeps allowing it to happen. I mean, they ought to impeach Mitch McConnell if he allows that,” Trump said.

“Frankly, something has to be — they have something on him. How he approves this thing is incredible.” 

Fox News went on to report that:

With the national debt standing at more than $31 trillion and increasing every minute Congress neglects to cut spending, federal lawmakers must perennially approve a debt ceiling increase to borrow more money to pay the interest on the debt.

Failure to do so could imperil the nation’s credit by risking default, which would handicap Congress’ ability to borrow money and fund the government.

White House officials have previously warned that government default would threaten U.S. national security and be catastrophic for the economy. 

It was further reported by Slay News that:

“He’s done a bad job,” Trump said.

“He’s allowed $4 trillion to go into the hands of the Democrats, and this is $4 trillion into the hands of these radical-left Democrats who are wasting it on the Green New Deal — think of it.

“He increased the debt ceiling, he approved the debt ceiling, he let them have it, and he got nothing for it, and they must have something on him.

Slay News went on to report that:

“The only thing I can say about him; they must have something on him.”

“This guy does not deserve to continue to be leader and hopefully somebody’s going to challenge him.

“But I’ll tell you, if I run, and if I win, he will not be leader,” Trump warned.

While senators can’t be impeached, they can be censured or expelled by a two-thirds vote.

The saga of Mitch McConnell has been a curious case to observe. The Raging Patriot reported earlier this year that, following Biden’ pullout from Afghanistan ‘became a paradigm’ for the Biden administration’s ‘incompetence,’ according to one source. According to McConnell, Due to the failures of the Biden administration, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., predicted that the Democrats will take a “pretty good thrashing” in the midterm elections.

McConnell remarked on “Fox News Sunday” that he believes Republicans will reclaim majority in the House and Senate as a result of Biden’s administration’s “incompetence” on matters including the economy and foreign policy. “His policies haven’t worked,” the senator continued, “starting with the hasty and ill-advised pullout from Afghanistan, which became a symbol for the ineptitude that’s been on full show during this administration.”

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