SHOCKING: ‘Why didn’t we see this coming?’ says Tucker Carlson of Vice President Kamala Harris’s next move

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Tucker Carlson takes on Vice President Kamala Harris and speculates on her next move. Carlson revealed Harris’ agenda and lack of expertise in an op-ed for Fox News, calling it a big problem. “Harris is returning to Europe to see how much worse she can make this calamity, while Tucker rips the vice president’s handling of the Ukraine issue,” Carlson wrote of her next steps.

Carlson claimed that the Ukraine tragedy is out of control, calling it “shocking” to see: “Europe just lost a big part of its energy supply, which is not a little thing.” The whole event has taken us by surprise. We weren’t the only ones, but we’re ready to confess it.”

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Carlson attacked Harris, claiming that he is neither a “serious guy” or capable of addressing the crisis in Ukraine. “So, how come we didn’t see this coming, this absolute loss of control?” “We believed that if things were bad, serious individuals would be interested in mending them, but when we glanced up, we saw Kamala Harris working, and that reassured us,” Carlson explained.

“Harris had recently returned from Europe, where she’d been doing “diplomacy with our friends,” and that looked to be confirmation that this couldn’t be that big of a concern. Tucker Carlson stated, “The situation in Ukraine has been really severe.”

“If the future of Europe and the world hung in the balance as now so obviously it does, of course, the Biden administration would not have sent Kamala Harris to fix it because that’s not her job. Kamala Harris’s job is to trot down to the Blue Room periodically to greet delegations of TikTok influencers or to cut occasional PSAs for the Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month, which is in February. So, we assumed she’d be working on that right now,” Tucker Carlson went on to say.

“But averting war with Russia? Saving the civilized world? C’mon. That is absolutely not Kamala Harris’s job. That was our assumption, but as noted, we were wrong. Why were we wrong? Well, we spend a lot of time watching Kamala Harris. You probably don’t. Unless you are a junior producer at MSNBC, you’re probably not that familiar with Kamala Harris. We should say, by the way, we didn’t underestimate Vladimir Putin. We overestimated Joe Biden, but we knew that once Kamala Harris was involved, it couldn’t really be that serious and we knew that because this is what she’s like,” he said.

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The US Department of Energy activated its Nuclear Response Team when a fire broke out at Ukraine’s largest nuclear site in the midst of a fight between Russian and Ukrainian armed troops.

“I recently talked to Ukraine’s energy minister about the situation at the Zaphorizhizia nuclear power facility.”

“Russian military exercises around the facility are irresponsible and must be stopped,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tweeted. @ENERGY has activated its Nuclear Incident Response Team and is monitoring the situation in collaboration with the @DeptofDefense, @NRCgov, and the White House.

“There have been no higher radiation measurements in the vicinity of the site,” she stated. “The plant’s reactors are safeguarded by strong containment buildings, and reactors are securely turned down,” she explained.

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