Shocking Revelation: New Lawsuit Reveals That Democrats Along With Biden Administration Were Involved In A Major Censorship Scandal


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The Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general alongside doctors who were censored on social media filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration under the First Amendment and the Administrative Procedure Act. 

In their supplemental brief and proposed findings of fact, they cite “depositions and internal communications of current and former officials in the FBI and Departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and State.”

It appears that Congressional Democrats and White House officials threatened social media platforms with “a hidden subsidy worth billions of dollars” if they failed to censor dissenting views on Covid, elections, and the Hunter Biden laptop. 

This lawsuit might be “the most comprehensive description linked to testimony and evidence of the federal government’s massive pressure and control of social media companies to remove information, even true information that the government did not like, from the public square.”

Americans knew it was happening, but as the Democrats and this administration tend to do, they told us not to believe our own eyes and ears.

Attorney General Andrew Bailey of Missouri disclosed that the lawsuit asks: “the court to block the Biden administration from coercing and colluding with social media companies to censor free speech.”

He can confidently say that “[a]fter receiving thousands of internal federal documents, it is clear that the White House’s censorship enterprise is vast and unconstitutional.”

Bailey further promises that “As Attorney General, I will protect the Constitution, which includes defending the fundamental right to free speech enshrined in the First Amendment. The First Amendment is the cornerstone of our republic because the founders understood that the remedy to false speech has always been counter speech, not government censorship.”

The Missouri lawyer described the case as “the most important free speech lawsuit in a generation, as we highlight more than 1,400 facts showing the Biden Administration’s blatant coercion and collusion with Big Tech social media companies to suppress speech it disagrees with.”

Bailey shared some of the more shocking facts found while bringing the litigation. He said, “Some of the facts in our filing include: Fauci’s involvement in laundering lies into medical journals in an attempt to bury the lab-leak theory (to save himself from embarrassment given that he had been involved in gain-of-function research on coronaviruses). White House officials like Rob Flaherty, Andrew Slavitt, and Jennifer Psaki have engaged in a relentless pressure campaign, both in public and in private, to coerce platforms into censoring disfavored viewpoints on social media.”

The corruption runs deep. There were pressure campaigns from Surgeon General Murthy and his staff in coordination with the White House as well.

The CDC flagged posts and had “Be on the Lookout” meetings with employees at various social media companies to outline what speech was forbidden.

Social media platforms had to obey and assure federal officials that they understood the assignment to censor certain viewpoints.

The AG also exposed the FBI for planting false information about the infamous Hunter Biden laptop. The agency deceived the platforms into censoring the story warning that it was likely Russian disinformation.

This lawsuit has already revealed the Biden administration’s blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution. It will be interesting to see if the necessary reforms will follow.

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