Shocking Revelation: House Oversight Committee Releases Memo That Shows Biden Family’s Bank Records, Revealing They Took Payments From Chinese Energy Firms

Credits: Jim Bourg, Drew Angerer

On Thursday, the Majority Staff of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability issued a memo directed to the members of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability. 

The memorandum revealed the latest proof following the Committee’s probe into President Biden’s business plans and family’s Influence Peddling.

The subpoena that was issued in late February aimed for the details and crucial info regarding three allies of the Biden family business. 

The Committee intends to pin down the flaws in the ongoing legal structure concerning principle laws and the exposure of financial interests connected to the closest family members of the presidents and the vice presidents. 

The committee obtained financial records, which disclosed that John Robinson Walker, a Biden family ally, sent more than $1.3 million to the Biden family and companies between 2015 and 2017, through his company. 

The bank records also unveiled that after a couple of weeks of the clearance of Vise President Joe Biden’s office, a Chinese company sent $3 million to Robinson Walker, LLC, and right after that the company transferred $1,065,000 to another company situated in Abu Dhabi connected with a business partner of Hunter Biden, James Gilliar. 

In a total time of three months, partial payments were also sent to the companies and the Biden family. 

Hallie Biden, a bank account titled “Biden,” and companies interlinked with Hunter and James Biden were the ones who received those partial payments. 

Hallie Biden is the widow of Beau Biden. Beau is also President Biden’s son and served as the Attorney General of Delaware but he died due to brain cancer in 2015. 

After Hallie got widowed, she formed a romantic relationship with Hunter Biden.   

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