Shocking Revelation: Biden’s Environmental Policy “Pisses Me Off”; Democratic Congressman Slams Biden For Hypocrisy

Credit: CNN

Democrat Rep. Jared Golden called out the Biden administration for their hypocrisy this week. He said President Je Biden is fairly favoring certain climate policies while ignoring their environmental impacts.

The Maine congressman told Fox News that the Biden administration has targeted the lobster industry while citing environmental concerns, but ignored the dangers of offshore wind energy projects.

“The hypocrisy part is what pisses me off because we know that right whales, other whales, get struck by freight vessels all the time. Cruise ships that are out there carting people around hit them,” Golden said. 

“You see very little effort by the federal government to do anything.”

“And yet they see a small business lobster fishery up in Maine that’s not politically important to them and they try to crush it just to try to prove to the environmental groups that they’re actively trying to protect the right whales,” he said.

According to Golden, the government has not been able to show him any data that proves that Maine’s lobster industry negatively impacts marine wildlife.

“Am I concerned about hypocrisy in how the federal government deals with like the Maine lobster fishery, as opposed to big energy projects? The answer is 100% yes, because for four years now, I have been constantly harassing the federal government to show us one piece of evidence that Maine’s lobster fishery is at all responsible for any kind of entanglement of whales let alone a death of a right whale,” he told Fox News.

“They can’t show any field-gathered data,” he explained. “All they have are these computer-driven formulas that show risk even though it’s been almost 20 years since there was a whale entanglement associated with the Maine lobster fishery. Despite the complete lack of any data they’ve tried to regulate that fishery nearly out of business.”

Fox News shared:  

In recent years, federal agencies have attempted to crack down on Maine’s lobster fishery despite scant evidence of whale impacts. Lobster industry groups, though, have pointed to federal data which shows that there has never been a recorded right whale death caused by lobster fishing equipment in Maine and the last recorded whale entanglement in fishing gear came more than two decades ago. 

Industry groups and lawmakers including Golden have also said the rules, which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) first rolled out in May 2022 with more set for 2024 and 2030, would threaten thousands of blue-collar jobs. Maine’s lobster industry — which by state law is made up entirely of small business operators — provides the U.S. with about 90% of the nation’s lobster supply, making the industry a top economic driver in the state, and boosting other related industries as well.

Last week, Golden and three of his Republican colleagues wrote federal officials demanding more information about the risk that offshore energy projects pose to marine wildlife.

The federal government has opened for leasing 1.7 million acres off the shores of the Atlantic Ocean for wind energy projects.

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