SHOCKING: Newly Released Documents Reveal Former President Barack Obama Scolds Hillary Clinton And The Press

Credit: washingtonpost.com

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In 1967, President Lyndon Johnson enacted the Freedom of Information Act known as FOIA. It allows the public to request access to records from any federal agency. The agency must disclose any information requested. 

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There are nine exemptions to the FOIA request including personnel matters, one-going criminal investigations by Federal law enforcement, and anything that pertains to national security. The exemptions are broad and can cover a variety of requests. 

However, transcripts from a meeting regarding a failed Presidential campaign do not fall under the auspices of a criminal law enforcement investigation. Nor does it have any ties to America’s national security. 

A Bloomberg reporter recently submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to get information about a secret meeting held in the White House after President Trump’s election in 2016. The meeting was between then President Obama and the media. 

The meeting focused on Clinton’s failures but he also references Trump He expressed how polite Trump was to him. He acts towards Clinton the way he does because he can exploit her weaknesses that way. 

He would also tell the media Trump is not going to start wars all over the globe. He will go after terrorists but will not be a globe-trotting hawk. It is interesting because the Democrats and their media lapdogs say Trump wants to do nothing but start wars. 

As much as the media wanted to know more about incoming President Trump, the interaction shifted towards Hillary. One can see that President Obama was frustrated with how the Clinton machine was a detriment to them throughout the campaign. 

“Some failures of polling and analytics leading a leading Democratic candidate never to appear in Michigan or Wisconsin, or show up in a union hall, right? I mean, there’s just a bunch of stuff that could have happened in which we wouldn’t be having this particular conversation,” Obama told the media.

Clinton and the Democrats did not care about middle America in 2016 and don’t care today. The Democrat party consists of over-educated coastal elites who hate everything people in the heartland value. 

Citizens in the “fly-over states” value family and faith above all else. Two things Democrats attack a daily basis. They also love their guns and the Second Amendment. They respect law enforcement and honor the military. Those are things the progressive liberal disdain and Hillary showed it in 2016. 

Obama went on to discuss other things that impacted the 2016 election. Clinton’s email scandal in which thousands of classified documents were on a personal server in her own home. Servers that were somehow wiped clean. 

He also mentioned, “Bill Clinton getting on that plane”. Today, everyone will read that and immediately think about Clinton’s penchant for jetting around the world with the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. While Slick Willy did do that, it is not what President Obama was referring to. 

He was referring to the incident in which former President Clinton attempted to intimidate United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Clinton said the two spoke about grandchildren and other matters, but critics said it was inappropriate at the time the email investigation was underway. 

An advisor to Bill Clinton said, “It didn’t make any difference what they talked about; all he wanted to do was send a message to everyone at Justice and the FBI that Hillary had the full weight of the Clinton machine, the Democratic Party, and the White House behind her.”

Obama then discussed the press conference FBI Director James Comey gave regarding the Clinton email scandal. Comey called Hillary careless but she hadn’t committed any crimes and the case was closed. Several days later, Comey re-opened the matter because new evidence surfaced. 

Putting together all the puzzle pieces led to the fact that the Obama Administration had already made their decision about Hillary’s criminal activity before it even started. She wasn’t going to face criminal charges at any point and it became apparent to the American people. 

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