SHOCKING: Elon Musk Accuses Twitter Of “Manipulating” People And Offers Advice On How To Repair Your Feed

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Elon Musk cautioned Twitter users that they were being “manipulated” and encouraged them to disable Twitter’s algorithmic feed generator on Saturday night.

The wealthy Tesla creator, who is in the process of buying Twitter, points out that the social media giant now provides users just two feed options: “Latest Tweets” and “Home.” The latter is determined by Twitter’s algorithm, whilst the former displays tweets from the following accounts in chronological order.

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Users should instantly switch to “Latest Tweet,” according to Musk. After criticizing Twitter’s lack of commitment to free expression, Musk declared his plan to buy the firm last month. He claims that following the acquisition, he would take the firm private.

The transaction was momentarily put into doubt on Friday when Musk tweeted that it was “on pause” following research indicating bot accounts accounted for fewer than 5% of Twitter users. Another important motive for Musk’s purchase was to combat bots and spam.

However, he then stated that he was still committed to the purchase. Musk indicated last week that after the deal is completed, he will enable former President Donald Trump to rejoin Twitter.

Trump has previously claimed that if given the opportunity, he would not return to Twitter, preferring to stay on his “Truth Social” site. On April 25, Trump told Fox News, “I’m not going on Twitter; I’m going to remain on TRUTH.” “I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’ll enhance it and he’s a fantastic guy, but I’m sticking with TRUTH.”

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Elon Musk was notified by Twitter’s legal team that he breached a non-disclosure agreement after tweeting about how the firm detects bot accounts, he tweeted Saturday. “Twitter legal just contacted to say I broke their NDA by disclosing the bot check sample size is 100!” “This truly occurred,” Musk said on Twitter.

Musk is close to completing his $44 billion purchase of Twitter and is considering public disclosures, including the number of bot users on the network, which he has pledged to eliminate once he takes control.

After an internal study, Twitter informed Musk that bot accounts represent fewer than 5% of its users. Musk tweeted, “Twitter transaction on hold temporarily for details supporting computation that spam/fake accounts do actually comprise fewer than 5% of users.”

The minuscule sum falls far short of anyone’s expectations, even Musk’s, who followed up his post by explaining how Twitter arrived at the figure. Musk is close to completing his $44 billion purchase of Twitter and is considering public disclosures, including the number of bot users on the network, which he has pledged to eliminate once he takes control.

“My team will conduct a random sampling of 100 @twitter followers to find out. When someone on the forum asked Musk to “elaborate a bit on the technique,” he replied, “I urge others to replicate the same approach and see what they uncover.” “Any reasonable random sampling procedure is acceptable. It will be revealing if several individuals independently acquire similar percentages of fake/spam/duplicate accounts. I chose 100 as the sample size since that is how Twitter calculates the 5% fake/spam/duplication rate “Musk replied, “licate.”

Elon Musk also said on Twitter early Friday that his $44 billion bid to purchase Twitter had been put on hold, potentially allowing for renegotiation and casting doubt on his plan to take the social media network private. Just as he was racing to find new investors to help him fund the acquisition, his revelation placed more doubt on the genuineness of his offer.

It also helped him out by pushing Twitter’s stock price down, despite the tweet’s potential for regulatory investigation. Musk tweeted, “Twitter deal on hold temporarily for details supporting computation that spam/accounts do fact comprise fewer than 5% of users.” “Still committed to purchasing,” he added almost two hours later.

Spambots, or accounts that sell cryptocurrency frauds and generally aim to exploit susceptible individuals, have long been a pet gripe of the tech entrepreneur, who meets impersonators on a regular basis.

According to financial experts and persons acquainted with the discussions who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive subjects, his public disclosure was an uncommon and unexpected strategy at this point of the negotiations. The purchase was anticipated to conclude in three to six months, but Musk’s remarks on Friday might signal a return to the negotiating table to buy Twitter for a lower price than originally negotiated.

According to one of the people familiar with the situation, Musk and the bankers engaged in the deal have been under pressure to secure partners, including Yahoo owner Apollo Global Management, which is likely to offer more than $1 billion in funding to a group of partners.

It wouldn’t be the first time Musk has tweeted anything that has caused a market reaction, and the habit has gotten him into problems on occasion. He made headlines in 2018 when he said that he had acquired money to take Tesla private for $420 per share. He was fined $20 million by the SEC. Musk has also tweeted that Tesla is expensive, as well as a poll asking if he should sell any of his Tesla stock.

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