SHOCKING: After Decades Of Democratic Leadership, Kenosha County, Which Was Ravaged By BLM Riots, Is Now Flipping Republican

Kenosha County, Wisconsin, has shifted to Republicans after decades of Democratic administration. After the city garnered national exposure during the destructive riots and the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the county chose a Republican administration after decades of choosing Democrats. Samantha Kerkman, a Republican state lawmaker, was chosen as the county executive by the voters.

“This is the first time a woman has been elected to the office, and the first time a Republican has been elected since at least 1998.” Kerkman is the first Republican to hold the ostensibly nonpartisan job, according to the Associated Press, though Fox News has not independently corroborated the report.”

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“Democrat Jim Kreuser, the current Kenosha County executive, has been in office since 2008.” Allan Kehl, who served as the county’s Democratic sheriff before being elected county executive from 1998 to 2008, came before him. “After pleading guilty to conspiracy to violate campaign finance regulations, Kehl resigned in 2008 and was ultimately sentenced to two years in federal prison,” the publication claimed.

“Kenosha is a swing county that hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon until former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign,” according to Fox 6. In 2020, the county voted for Trump once more. Wisconsin is likewise a swing state, with Trump winning it in 2016 but losing it to Vice President Biden in 2020,” according to the research.

Democrats aren’t looking well in the upcoming midterm elections. In November, Democrats will be hit by a Red Wave unless something miraculous happens. Over 30 Democratic incumbents have announced their retirements, which is generally a harbinger of impending disaster for the party. While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that she will seek for re-election, some have seen this as an attempt to “assist” her party, a Punchbowl News survey of senior House workers revealed that 60% thought Pelosi would resign after the midterm elections.

“The poll also sampled general House staffers. Among the typical House staffers, 54 percent said Pelosi will retire. Congressional staffers are personnel that assists members of Congress and committees, answer constituent mail, write questions for committee hearings, conduct communication duties, and plot legislative maneuvers,” according to Breitbart News, “The fact that more senior workers predict Pelosi will resign is likely due to their greater experience, and hence carries more weight.”

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Pelosi will not announce her retirement in the middle of a congressional session, according to senior officials. They do recognize, however, that Pelosi has already stated that this will be her final term as speaker,” the site continued.

Whatever happens with Pelosi, Democrats should be very concerned about losing House power in the 2022 midterm elections. According to a recent Democracy Corps study, Republican enthusiasm for voting in the midterm elections outnumbers Democratic enthusiasm by double digits. According to the poll, 68 percent of Republicans are still committed to the party in 2022.

Meanwhile, Democratic participation has dropped to 57%, giving the GOP an 11-point lead. According to the poll, Republican voters remain solidly in Trump’s camp, with only 16% of Republicans identifying as “non-Trump conservatives.” Only 9% of Republican voters in battleground states, where the balance of power is most likely to be decided, identify as members of the same party.

The poll comes as the Republican Party is poised to reclaim control of the House of Representatives in November, with the possibility of also regaining control of the Senate. Thirty-seven percent named “D.C. corruption/dysfunction” as their main priority, followed by 18 percent who said immigration, 10% who said healthcare, and 10% who said jobs and the economy.

In the midterm elections next November, Republicans will need a net gain of 5 seats to reclaim the House majority. Republicans in the House have precedent on their side as they seek to reclaim the house. The Democratic Party, which presently holds the White House, loses about 25 House seats on average in midterm elections. The once-in-a-decade redistricting process, which is scheduled to coincide with the 2020 census, is projected to benefit Republicans over Democrats.

In other trends, President Donald Trump has requested that the judge overseeing his lawsuit against Hillary Clinton be removed from the court. According to The Washington Examiner, his argument for attempting to disqualify US District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks is because he was initially nominated by former President Bill Clinton in 1997, while Hillary was first lady.

Trump’s motion makes no reference of Middlebrooks’ decision in 2016 to dismiss a civil racketeering action against Clinton, alleging that the former secretary of state used her private email account to seek speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation by changing U.S. foreign policy.

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