‘She’s A Bad Politician’: Liberal Bill Maher Tells Biden To Give Kamala Harris The Boot, “Not very popular anywhere”

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Bill Maher has carved a career out of having one ability. The capacity to be arrogant. He’s never been funny. He was never a good actor. He hasn’t had a role in any production playing anything other than himself in decades.

Despite his lack of talent, he has gained enough clout to be a very influential person in Hollywood and politics. The HBO series, “Real Time with Bill Maher” began in 1993 and is still on the air today. He also has his hands in a variety of HBO productions and beyond. 

Maher hosts numerous guests. From actors to news personalities and everything in between. It is a political commentary show that is not very informative. Its success is driven by the fact, that Maher says anything he wants to

He is a self-described liberal but “attacks” the left frequently for things they do and defends Conservatives. He irritates both sides of the political spectrum equally. It was what the audience expects him to do.

Recently, he went after Vice-President Kamala Harris. Maher ripped Harris last night on his show ‘Real Time’ calling her a ‘bad politician.’ He said he wouldn’t be surprised if President Joe Biden replaced her on the ticket in 2024.

The Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan was a guest on the episode and concurred with Maher. She added that she sees the VP as “for some reason, an off-putting person.” Flanagan went on to say, “She also has, I think, a lot of baggage that probably wouldn’t do well under a lot of scrutiny.”

Harris’s poll ratings are not helped by her tendency to say odd things or to say things oddly, in public. Her latest word salad episode made it quite clear, or not, about what community banks are and where they are located. 

“We invested an additional $12 billion into community banks, because we know community banks are in the community, and understand the needs and desires of that community as well as the talent and capacity of community,” Harris told an audience at the University of South Carolina. 

The speech was widely mocked throughout the media. “Kamala Harris, the greatest orator since Winston Churchill, on community banks. Enjoy,” OutKick founder Clay Travis tweeted with a video of the clip. Podcaster Nick Givas asked, “If she says community one more time does she win a prize?” 

Her comments are part of her blooper reel. Some of her other infamous poetic ramblings include the passage of time and how important the passage of time is because it’s time. In Chicago, she remarked how we have to take shootings seriously because they are as serious as you have to be serious.

Maher’s comments are understandable and are a problem for the Democrats. Van Jones doesn’t believe so though. He believes this is a ticket that can win. “It’s all identity politics, you’ve got to put together a ticket that can win, and this is a ticket that can win,” Jones told Maher.

What are the Democrats going to do? They have the inept and unstable Joe Biden as a first-term president. Even though everyone knows he is a lame-duck President, they can’t admit that. Then you are left with the even more inept Vice-President Kamala Harris who can’t get out of her way. 

They have nobody on the way to save them. Their identity politics have done them in. “Here’s the problem with the Democratic party, they’re so boxed in by identity politics that you cannot conceive of a Democratic ticket that doesn’t have a woman, a person of color on it,” Maher said.

There are two more years left in the Biden-Harris debacle. The best the American people can hope for is to survive and wait for Trump or DeSantis to rescue the nation. The country and the world can’t endure another four years of total confusion in American leadership. 

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