Several American Attorney Generals Call For The Resignation Of Mayorkas For Failing To Secure The Southern Border

Photo Source: Homeland Security’s Mayorkas should be ousted for Clinton favoritism, ‘disgusted’ retired cops say | Fox News

On Tuesday, 14 Republican state attorneys general demanded Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas’ “immediate resignation” for failing to protect the US-Mexico border.

The letter was delivered by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, who accused Mayorkas of “purposefully having done repeated actions damaging the safety and security of Americans.”

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“It is the basic mission of the Department of Homeland Security to ‘secure the nation from the various threats we confront.’ Yet, since entering office, you have purposefully taken repeated steps undermining Americans’ safety and security,” the attorney general stated in a letter dated Tuesday.

“While you openly brag about your blatant failure to follow the laws set by Congress to keep us safe, our southwest border is a disaster, and our country is on the precipice of a national security crisis.”

The letter explicitly mentioned the quantity of fentanyl seized at the border between Mayorkas’ election and December 2021.

“Border Patrol seized enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman, and child in our nation six times over, representing a more than 30 percent increase since before you took office,” the letter stated.

According to the letter, the number of sex offenders apprehended entering the nation climbed by 213 percent over the previous fiscal year, while deportations have reduced by 70 percent since 2020.

“Americans have died as a result of your refusal to follow the law and fulfill your solemn obligation. More Americans will die and suffer unnecessarily as long as you are Secretary of State” the letter stated. “You must quit right away.”

Several other Officials joined in such as Alabama’s (Steve Marshall), Arizona’s (Mark Brnovich), Arkansas’ (Leslie Rutledge), Georgia’s (Christopher Carr), Indiana’s (Todd Rokita), Louisiana’s (Jeff Landry), Montana’s (Austin Knudsen), Missouri’s (Eric Schmidt), Oklahoma’s (John O’Connor), South Carolina’s (Alan Wilson), Texas’ (Ken Paxton), and Utah’s (Sean Re (Patrick Morrisey). On Tuesday afternoon, Moody turned to Twitter to urge Congress to take action if Mayorkas and President Joe Biden refuse to protect the southern border.

“Secretary Mayorkas in office makes us less safe by the day. If he and @JoeBiden won’t do their jobs, Congress should authorize states to deport those here illegally who commit crimes. Let Florida Lead,” Moody said in a tweeted.

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