Senator Rand Paul says the Hunter Biden Case Will Be Sent to the Department of Justice as a Criminal Referral Next Week

Senator Rand Paul said that the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committee’s report on Hunter Biden and his dealings overseas will be sent to the Department of Justice as a criminal referral next week.

A report was recently released from the Senate confirming that Hunter Biden and other Biden family members were participating in business with foreign companies and governments. The report details several financial transactions between members of the Biden family and it also says that the Obama Administration was aware of the overseas dealings, but did nothing.

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Also found in the report is that after a deal with a Chinese investor Hunter Biden went on a spending spree with James and Sara Biden, spending $100,000. Further, the report says that Hunter has paid women who are linked to an “Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

Senator Paul said that he wants to see a justified criminal investigation and “I think the only way to determine the actual legality of this is to have it referred to the Department of Justice. So, I’m gonna send the report over tomorrow. I don’t know if the whole committee will vote for it but…we are asking for a criminal referral.”

He continued, “Here is the evidence, look at it, and then you as the lawyers for the government decide if you have enough to prosecute, but I think we should refer this for a criminal investigation.”

Sources: Conservative Brief, Breitbart, Conservative Outlet; Photo-New York Post

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