Senator John Barrasso Says, ‘Biden Can’t Hide From Being President of High Gas Prices’ And That He Should ‘Lead From The Front’

Photo Source: Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming claimed on Sunday that President Biden and Democrats are looking for a scapegoat for increasing inflation and fuel costs.

A senior Republican senator counsels President Joe Biden ahead of the NATO summit. The Republican Party’s third-in-command wants Biden to “lead from the front.” As President Joe Biden prepares to fly to Brussels this week for an extraordinary NATO conference, Sen. John Barrasso, the Senate’s third-ranking Republican, said he expects the president to “lead from the front” and established specific goals for him to achieve.

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“Number one, he needs to tell NATO that we’re going to arm the people of Ukraine with material they know how to use, whether it’s drones, planes, or missile systems,” Barrasso, R-Wyo., said in an exclusive interview with ABC’s “This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.

“Number two,” he said, “he must say that he is heading to Brussels to the NATO eastern front to underscore NATO’s resolve as well as the United States’ commitment.”

“Third, he must inform Europeans, who are in a tough energy situation because to their dependency on Russian energy, that we want to increase the shipment of liquefied natural gas from America to them.” Barrasso, the ranking Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has been a vociferous critic of Biden’s renewable energy initiative.

Republicans, like as Barrasso, are pressing the government to increase domestic oil production while reducing dependency on foreign energy. Biden has banned all Russian oil imports, and Americans are coping with rising inflation and gas prices. Earlier this week, Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill., denied that Biden is to blame for rising gas prices in the United States on “This Week.”

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Barrasso, on the other hand, claimed that “Democrats have a very big problem,” regardless of who is to blame. “Joe Biden, on the other hand, can’t dispute that he is the president of high gas prices,” Barrasso remarked. “And they’re looking for someone to blame, whether it’s Putin, Republicans, energy companies, or COVID. The Democrats are confronted with a huge quandary in the form of 40-year-high inflation and the highest gasoline prices in history.”

Democrats have accused energy companies of price gouging. When Stephanopoulos asked what more the US might do to assist Ukraine, Barrasso accused Biden of being too slow to respond to the matter thus far. “The president has to be pushed and pulled to get to where he is now.

Congress imposed sanctions, put a ban on Russian oil, imposed armament, and adopted the $13 billion aid package that I voted for a few weeks ago “He said. Meanwhile, a historic Supreme Court hearing on the first Black woman Supreme Court nominee is set to begin on Monday.

Now, with most of the international economy rejecting Russia after Vladimir Putin’s invaders rushed into Ukraine, the country is on the verge of defaulting on its foreign debts once more. While the West has made it plain that it would not participate in firefights against nuclear-armed Russia, its economic embargo and unprecedented sanctions are definitely having an impact.

As according talks CNN heard with two US officials, Russia has requested economic and military assistance from China, which now has remained particularly silent during the Ukraine war. On Sunday, White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan responded by telling CNN’s Dana Bash that China’s backing for Russia is a “worry.” It’s unclear whether China plans to deliver that help to Russia, and that both governments denied that Russia made the request. On Monday, Sullivan travelled to Rome to meet with Chinese leaders to oppose aid to Russia.

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