See How School Lockdowns Are Affecting Children And Much More

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As the new “Delta variant” spreads across the country, politicians are reconsidering lockdowns and other various mandates. Some policymakers are re-considering closing down in-person learning.

Consulting firm McKinsey did a study recently showing how the absence of in-person learning and school lockdowns are affecting millions of American students, low-income families, and children.

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Many Democrats supporting teacher’s unions are demanding online learning because of “safety issues” despite the data showing the minimum effect of the coronavirus on young and healthy children.

This McKinsey report shows that, on average, elementary school students lost around five months to half a school year’s worth of learning in math and around four months in reading.

The lack of in-person learning hasn’t just negatively impacted students’ academic performances. The McKinsey survey found that around 80 percent of parents had concerns about their child’s mental, social, and emotional health. This survey also found a large increase in anxiety, depression, and self-isolation amongst children.

With increasing social isolation, lockdowns, and virtual learning methods, many students are dropping out of school and even new enrollment is down this year

McKinsey’s study also notes, “We estimate that an additional 617,000 to 1.2 million eighth-12th graders could drop out of school altogether because of the lockdowns.”

With all the learning losses, dropouts, and mental health issues, the economy can also have a significant long-term negative impact. As these new lockdowns and other mandates are implicated, McKinsey’s study estimates a loss of $128 billion to $188 billion each year to the American GDP because of the learning gaps caused by these measures.

This in-depth survey by McKinsey & Company can be found here

What are your thoughts on school closures and various lockdown re-enforcements that the government is considering for this time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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