“Resign!”; Biden Says Cuomo Has To Go After Praising His “Gold Standard” Of Leadership

Following the atomic bomb of allegations that was set off on New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo yesterday, President Joe Biden has weighed in with his slightly unconvincing condemnation of the beleaguered politician.

In the advent of over 10 women coming forward accusing the Governor of misconduct, to use a euphemism, Biden stated to reporters at a White House conference that Cuomo “should resign” from his post.

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In response to a reporter’s question about weather Cuomo should be removed from office is he should refuse to resign, which seems to be the case, Biden sat upon his usual haughty but ultimately feckless perch right on the fence by lazily adding that “I understand the state legislature may decide to impeach, I do not know that for a fact.” .

The conference came about as the result of a report, tendered by Letitia James, which reveals, in shocking detail the nature and circumstances of Cuomo’s crimes. Given the number of instances committed by Cuomo , reference to them must necessarily be rather summary. As one example, the report references former Deputy Secretary for Economic Development. As The Guardian states, “According to the report, Cuomo frequently commented on Boylan’s appearances and casually touched her waist, legs and back. Cuomo told Boylan she looked like a former girlfriend and sometimes called her by that girlfriend’s name.”.

Biden’s comments have already caused a whirlwind of controversy as he has previously praised Cuomo for his efforts during the coronavirus saying that he was “setting an example for all Americans“. Biden further praised Cuomo’s leadership as the “gold standard” that should be emulated by all.

Cuomo, meanwhile, as of late yesterday, is still refusing to resign. He denies (as is often the case) all allegations and even says that he would “welcome” the prospect of going to court to defend himself.

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