Republican Senator From Ohio Rob Portman Dismisses The Possibility Of US Troops Fighting In Ukraine

Photo Source: Oshua Roberts/Pool via AP

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, said on Sunday that the US is not planning to deploy soldiers to battle in Ukraine if Russia invades – and that Ukraine is not asking for such action. In an interview with NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Portman stated that the country has no desire to war as tensions rise ahead of a possible Russian invasion. “I believe we need to make certain that we understand what’s going on here,” Portman added. “The Ukrainians have not requested the deployment of American soldiers to Ukraine.” I’ve had a number of phone calls from cable news shows saying, you know, we have to keep our soldiers out of there. Nobody is asking for our soldiers, and no one is talking about it.”

“This is about the struggle for liberty,” he explained. “This is a country that has decided it wants to be like us.” They want to be a democratic state. They wish to uphold the rule of law. They desire a strong and vigorous free enterprise system. Portman also called for bipartisan support for Ukraine and the “fight for independence.” “As Republicans and Democrats, we have stood united in opposing what Russia has done,” he stated. “We are working on a package that includes sanctions, military aid, combating the cyberattacks that Russia continues to deploy on Ukraine, and also attempting to stabilize the government,” he continued.

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“…the Ukrainians and the Americans are completely united,” he remarked. But so are a plethora of other pals. In fact, the entire free globe.” “ They should say it out loud. As you are aware, I am also dissatisfied with their unwillingness to authorize arms sales. … These are artillery weapons that Ukraine desperately needs, but Germany is refusing to approve them. That makes no sense to me, as I’ve stated repeatedly in talks with Germans and others. My hope is that Germany will go even further. But they’re on our side. They stated they’d cut down the Nordstrom 2 pipeline if there was any kind of invasion, and I definitely hope that’s true.”

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