Rep. Cawthorn Blasts Pelosi: “Madam Speaker, You Are Not God!”

Source: C-Span

On Friday, July 30th, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, the freshman Republican congressman from North Carolina’s 11th congressional district exploded on House Floor blasting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new “mask mandate” rule for congressional staffers and visitors

“Madam Speaker, your are not God! Your will does not bend the force or shake the mountains, and let me assure you your will does not bow the knee of millions of my countrymen who refuse to heed your callous command. To threaten the arrest of others for their own personal medical decisions is nothing short of medical apartheid – and I will not let it stand, for if I am the cowardly bend at the knee here like those on the left on the wish, then what is to stop you all from taking your tyranny to the rest of the country that I love?

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R, NC-11)

How dare anyone in this institution attempt to dictate to the patriots of my staff how they may live their lives. For one to think because they have the title ‘honorable’ attached to their names means that they may dictate what others may and think repulses me. What makes this nation special is that this free land the People are the royalty. So arrest us if you will, but I will not cower and I will not bend. Madam Speaker, you have come to take away our liberties, but Madam Speaker, in this country you are outnumbered.”

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R, NC-11)

This speech comes after Pelosi has issued a new order for Capitol police to arrest any staffer and visitor who violates her “mask mandate” guideline. Many Republican Representatives protested this order this week.

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8 thoughts on “Rep. Cawthorn Blasts Pelosi: “Madam Speaker, You Are Not God!”

  1. N. Pelosi had this coming in my opinion. She does not have what she believes, the power to institute such demands and get away with it. When is she ever going to get it … She s not for any of us… She s a wanna be mistress dictator !

    1. Science is not God, either. And certainly not manipulated science. God made this free nation and we will rue the day that we did not keep it so. I respect Rep Cawthorn’s words. He is looking our for my rights as well as yours, Ramona, if you only had eyes to see it. I am grateful to all with the courage to stand for American rights, liberties and freedoms. I have never known Nancy Pelosi to do so.

      1. I agree Ramona is a sheepole. Blind to what’s really going on in this world or doesn’t care and want’s to be led around by the nose. Gusty speech by this kid, totally agree and will stand by him.

    2. Actually he’s smarter than you are! Listen to Ron DeSantis firing back at Bidens mask mandate. Biden needs to concentrate on the border and the thousands that he’s letting in to the US without paperwork and with COVID. They cannot tell us what to do! It’s our body so it should be left up to us. Besides that its experimental. I have heard of more people dying from the vaccine in our small town. Let them experiment on YOU! If Biden is so concerned about our health then HE NEEDS TO STOP ENTRY AT THE BORDER WITH THE ILLEGALS WHO BRING DISEASE AND DRUGS.

  2. It’s about time ! We as a nation can not and should not be under such power She believes to have .The most of that party needs to go . We can not and should not be asked to take on more bail outs . Why don’t we see an accounting of all the money and where it’s gone . And to another point He’s not to stupid to understand science , He has the ability to speak the truth and stand His ground . You need to pull your head out of the sand and look around you .

  3. I applaud this man, It;s about time someone put her in her place, And other democrats too who are trying hard to take our freedoms away and turn this into a country we no longer recognize, Thank you, And sorry for all of you who “drank the kool aid” these democrats are passing out.

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