Radical Left-Wing Democrat Jamaal Bowman Argues That Banning TikTok Is A Racist Move Towards China And It Could Harm Americans

Credits: Tasos Katopodis

This Wednesday, the radical leftist Democratic Rep. from New York, Jamaal Bowman, argued that banning TikTok is a “racist” measure.

While talking with TikTok influencers outside the Capitol, Bowman declined to accept TikTok as a national security risk, proclaiming himself among those politicians who support the controversial social media platform. 

A majority of the lawmakers see TikTok as a spy app by the Chinese Communist Party. 

Bowman stated: 

“Why the hysteria and panic and the targeting of TikTok? As we know, Republicans in particular have been sounding the alarm, creating a Red Scare around China.”

Without any valid proof, Bowman argued that TikTok indicates the “same threat” to Americans as other social media that are owned and controlled by the United States. 

Bowman stated: 

“So, let’s not marginalize and target TikTok. Let’s not have a dishonest conversation. Let’s not be racist towards China and express our xenophobia when it comes to TikTok, because American companies have done tremendous harm to American people.”

Bowman also argued that outlawing TikTok might hurt its users, harm the businesses for which TikTok is a major marketing platform, and also threaten the First Amendment.

According to reports, Biden, along with his administration, wants TikTok to be acquired by any American Company from its current owners. 

Only in this case, TikTok won’t be banned from the U.S. Approximately over 150 million Americans use this Chinese platform on a regular basis. 

Currently, the DOJ is also probing TikTok for gathering intelligence on U.S. journalists. 

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