Protestors ’Should Be Arrested’: Fox News Contributor Karl Rove Goes After Juan Williams While Discussing The Recent Attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s Life

Fox News

Fox News contributor and former top political advisor to President George W. Bush, Karl Rove, had an intense exchange with fellow network contributor Juan Williams this past Sunday. It was a discussion over the protestors who are showing up at the Supreme Court Justices’ homes.

This exchange came quickly after the assassination attempt on Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s life. Last week, a California man who was upset by the leaked decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, came to the Justices’ house ready to kill him and his family.

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“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says this statue, we interpret it the following way, we point to a Supreme Court Case that suggests that as long as they keep moving in front of the house, if they are stationary, they should be arrested but if they are moving in front of the house have a right to try and influence a Supreme Court Justice. That is ridiculous,” Rove told a “Fox News Sunday” panel, hosted by anchor Bret Baier.

“We either ought to apply the law, or we ought to just simply say it’s open season on judges. Cause that’s what we’re doing.”

Williams interrupted, “I think you have a right to protest.”

“But not in front of their house,” Rove responded.

“You have a right to protest anywhere in America,” Williams replied. “Now clearly, these people should not be violent, and they shouldn’t threaten.”

“But the idea that they’re influencing. I don’t think it;s about the influence. I think it;s about a Supreme Court that’s become radical and extremist, and activist and is going to put out a decision that’s going to–believe me–polarize this country. Undo 50 years of law,” Williams continued.

Rove responded, “So because you disagree with a prospective decision, you think people have a right to show up in front of a house and try and intimidate a judge to change their mind?”

“No,” Williams responded.

Rove noted, “How about any case in America? Would you defend everybody’s right to go in front of every judge and say? ‘My God, if you decide one way or the other, you deserve me protesting in front of your house’ Forget it! That’s intimidation.”

“I think everyone at this table has had people demonstrate or come to their door, and it’s unsettling. No one’s defending it. But the right to protest is essential to America,” Williams said.

Rove said, “Fine but not in front of their house.”

“I’m just telling you, in politics, that’s a reality,” Williams responded.

“It’s not a good reality!” Rove ended with.

This exchange comes amid the protests that have occurred outside of the conservative justice’s homes, even though demonstrations like this are a violation of federal law.

The Biden Justice Department has refused to move on demonstrations, even in light of the assassination plot against Justice Kavanaugh.

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