Promises Made, Promises Kept: Governor Ron DeSantis Makes Massive Announcement For Law Enforcement With Big Bonuses

Source: Ron DeSantis Twitter feed

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Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, is America’s Governor. He is well respected, speaks clearly, and gets things done.

The media hates him. The reporters waited for a death toll to pin on him during Hurricane Ian. They were hoping that Hurricane Ian would destroy Ron DeSantis’s reputation. The media salivated once they heard there was one confirmed death because of Hurricane Ian. The first death was a 72-year-old man who was draining his pool during the storm.

Washington Examiner reported:

The man was standing on a steep decline into the water that was “extremely soft and slippery due to the heavy rain,” an initial investigation found.

The death toll is over one hundred people in Florida, but notice how the left-stream media doesn’t talk about it as much. You would think that the left-stream media would create Hurricane Ian as a black stain on DeSantis’s record.

On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis followed through with his promise to law enforcement by awarding $5,000 bonuses to Cape Coral law enforcement officers. Last year Ron DeSantis announced his plan to create a three-part incentive to help recruit and keep young talent in Florida.

Source: Fox 13/Youtube

DeSantis said in a tweet:

Was happy to hand deliver $5,000 bonuses this week to six newly recruited officers who came down from states like New York and Maryland. These new Cape Coral Police Officers stepped up and served their community through the Hurricane Ian response.

DeSantis recapped the progress in Florida during his speech on Friday, such as reopening schools and the fast repair of the bridge to Pine Island. The bridge was repaired in record time.

Ron DeSantis said:

We were fighting back against a lot of people throughout our country that were attacking law enforcement and saying that they should be defunded and marginalized and we never bought into that here in the state of Florida. In fact, we passed legislation ensuring that a local government can not defund the police in the state of Florida…

You want to have safe streets. You want to have safe communities. That used to be something in this country that we universally expected and had in most places. Now you’ve seen that really erode, particularly over the last few years. You have some places in this country that are operated almost like third-world countries, with the crime just totally out of control…

“We saw an opportunity in Florida to say, you know, we want to reward people who are going into this profession. We want to value people that are going into this profession. So we enacted, I proposed in the legislature, enacted a program for recruitment bonuses for law enforcement personnel. So if you’re coming from one of those states or one of those other cities where you’re not being treated well and you come to take a job in any of our departments, municipal, county, or state, any of the agencies in law enforcement function, you qualify for a $5,000 bonus and not just for people coming from out of state. If you have new people within Florida who have not been in law enforcement and they make the decision to go into law enforcement, they are also eligible for the bonuses that we were able to enact…

So we have folks here today that are gonna be rewarded with these $5,000 bonus checks. And so they all came on board Cape Coral PD sometime this year. Some of them only a couple months ago, they got a baptism by fire having to go through Hurricane Ian.”

Source: Forbes/Youtube

The left wants to take DeSantis down. They think sending Charlie Crist, a seasoned Democrat living in D.C., down to Florida will solve their DeSantis problem. DeSantis will face off in a debate against Charlie Crist on October 24. There is a reason why Ron DeSantis is America’s Governor, and the left hates it.

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