Prominent News Host Megyn Kelly Goes After Ignorant MSNBC Host Over Comments About Twitter And Elon Musk


It was reported by ConservativeBrief that it has been amusing to watch the responses of many who are terrified at the idea of Elon Musk owning Twitter and allowing free speech to reign.

But of those responses, the one that was, perhaps, the greatest was that of MSNBC host Ari Melber who said what he was frightened of was what many conservatives had been complaining about for a long time.

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On his show on Monday, he said that Twitter’s new ownership is “far bigger than Trump or Elon Musk,” and that it is part of the “symptoms of the world we’re living in, where technology has outpaced any of our ability to deal with it.”

“It’s true if you are a democracy like the United States that used to regulate media ownership and say Rupert Murdoch can’t have too many local TV stations and newspapers in one town, they have laws for that are still on the books,” he said, saying that “Congress hasn’t gotten round to limiting whether someone can own all of Twitter.”

And then came his warning.

“If you own all of Twitter or Facebook or what have you, you don’t have to explain yourself, you don’t even have to be transparent, you could secretly ban one party’s candidate or all of its candidates, all of it nominees,” he said, not even considering the fact that Twitter banned the President of the United States when he was still in the White House.

“Or,” he said, “you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else and the rest of us might not even find about it til after the election.”

“Elon Musk says this is all to help people, because he is just a free speech philosophically clear, open-minded helper… Is that true? Should you take him at his word?” he said.

Kelly was among those who found his warning hilarious.

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“Ari Melber of MSNBC in an incredible, I guess it’s a self-own, I don’t know. We were looking at it on our team saying ‘Is this satire? Is he just trolling us with this?’ It’s taking a lot of guff on Twitter today for his dire predictions of what Twitter or social media could become possibly in the future,” she said before playing the clip of what he said on his show.

“Say it ain’t so!” the host said.

“It’s all said as if it were a hypothetical — none of which has happened before,” her guest Douglas Murray said.

“It’s amazing isn’t it?” the host said. “It’s the best soundbite I’ve heard in days.”

“If people aren’t careful, Twitter could have the power to, for instance, silence America’s oldest published paper! Imagine that!” he said in reference to when Twitter suspended the New York Post over the blocking of its stories about the Hunter Biden laptop.

Watch the whole thing here!

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