Progressives Subjected to “Violence” as Restaurant Plays The Star-Spangled Banner: “The Most Dangerous Situation” 

Fox News

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The Rainbow Oaks restaurant in Fallbrook, California, plays the Star Spangled Banner every day at noon as a show of gratitude for the sacrifices made for this country. 

A video emerged on TikTok recently of restaurant patrons standing for the anthem and it “sent progressives into a tailspin.” 

The restaurant owner Jeanene Paulino speculates that the person who took the video saw a news story about the daily display of patriotism at the restaurant and “came out expressly to raise a ruckus about something.” 

The TikTok user captioned the video with the words, “the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in.”

What a privileged life this person must lead if that is the most dangerous situation they’ve ever experienced. 

Others commented on the video saying had they been there, it would’ve been their “worst nightmare,” “that’s terrifying” and “this feels like a horror movie.” 

Hashtags included “#godblessamerica, #getout, #illegal and #whitepeoplethings.”

Paulino called the whole thing “another way of getting attention” when she appeared on “Fox & Friends First” to share her thoughts on the progressives’ reaction to her commitment to patriotism. 

“What do you make of that reaction to your very simple, very beautiful show of patriotism?” asked host Todd Piro. 

“I feel like if we take a few minutes out of our day to be grateful for the men and women who have made the sacrifices so that we can stand up and say how we feel and she said how she felt. 

“And I wish she realized that it’s because of those men and women who made those sacrifices that she was able to do that,” she told hosts Todd Piro and Ashley Strohmier.

“Don’t you think comments like this just signify really how privileged people in America are but not only that but how ungrateful they are […],” Stohmier asked. 

“I think maybe they aren’t focusing on gratitude,” she continued. “This particular TikToker had seen a local news post, so she probably did it for attention.”

“The owners before me started it and I come from a long line of patriots, so I was thrilled to keep the tradition going. No, we won’t be stopping.”

A Twitter user who goes by the username Just a Hard Working American tweeted “Rainbow Oaks Restaurant, respects America. To all the haters of America, get out. Go back to your sHole countries.”

Other commenters said things like “Sad. Plenty of our soldiers have been in truly “dangerous situations” to protect her right to say that.” 

“If people standing for the National Anthem is ‘by far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in,’ you’ve lived an incredibly mundane life. Get a grip. How pathetic…”

“It’s amazing the people standing for the national anthem, shocks and horrifies some. We have a lot of ground to regain, sometimes I wonder if it is possible anymore.”

Paulino told the “Fox & Friends First” hosts that a lot of restaurant patrons come to the restaurant specifically for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, sometimes waiting in line for 45 minutes to an hour. 

Others happen upon it and are “shocked, surprised, and thrilled to be there.” These are real Americans who appreciate this great country. 

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