Pro-Biden Groups Put $100 Million Into Progressive Propaganda Plan

Source: Associated Press

A coalition of progressive groups have dedicated $100 million to furthering the Biden administration’s infrastructure spending agenda. Announced Monday, the plan will pay for ads throughout the next six weeks, targeting the home districts of Congress members who travel home during the August recess. The ads will promote both the $1-trillion infrastructure bill as well as a $3.5-trillion budget reconciliation bill.

The groups hope the ads will build public support for the bills, thereby pressuring Congress members into supporting them. One of these groups is Building Back Together, a pro-Biden nonprofit organization known for refusing to disclose its donors. According to their executive director Danielle Melfi, “Progressive groups are going on the offense as we lead into August recess.”

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While the infrastructure bill has wide bipartisan backing, the White House will need to bolster support wherever it can for the budget resolution. Many Republicans have been critical of the price tag, so much so that Wyoming Senator John Barrasso claimed, “There’s not a single Republican in the House or the Senate who’s going to support this level of taxing and spending and regulations.”

Source: Washington Examiner

The budget bill would provide funding potential for a number of Democrat pet projects including free two-year community college for most Americans, universal preschool for three- and four-year-olds, and a massive expansion of Medicare to cover dentistry, vision and hearing. Additionally, it includes several measures aimed at addressing climate change including tax incentives for renewable energy, increased energy regulations and funding for a “civilian climate corps.” 

The budget reconciliation bill cannot be stopped by filibuster, meaning Democrats can pass it if they have support from all 50 of their Senators and receive Vice President Kamala Harris’s tie-breaking vote.

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