Posobiec: White House Official Confirms Lockdowns Coming Back

In what he called an “all but a done deal,” OAN’s Jack Posobiec relayed a message from a source that he has within the Biden White House claiming, “White House chatter is that lockdowns for delta variant all but a done deal. Virtually all blue states are cooperating with WH / CDC. They’re aiming for late 2nd week of August, per WH official.”

Posobiec, a former Navy Intelligence officer, sent out a series of tweets to his more than 1.3 million followers highlighting what many have feared the executive branch may do, bring back the orders for everyone to stay home and business to close.

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Posobiec’s source seems to be “in-the-know” given that their statement mirrors what a Deputy White House Press Secretary stated earlier this week when asked about potential lockdowns.

Given that the President has previously stated that masks and lockdowns were going away now that the vaccine was readily available, the question was asked: Why should Americans trust the President on this topic?

“Well, because we listen to the scientists, we listened to the expert,” Karine Jean-Pierre replied. “This is a public health situation. This is not about politics at all. This is about saving lives. And this is what the President is all about. He wants to make sure that we are saving lives. If you look at the last six month, that’s what he’s done, every day. And you see that in the numbers. Now, we’re at a point where we have to double down and make it very, very clear to people that we can’t, we can’t let the pandemic win, we have to continue to fight.”

Keep in mind, that President Biden also said that what we actually are dealing with is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

He told a group of reporters that if you are vaccinated, you are safe, as you have a 98% chance of never catching the virus at all.

Which leads to the obvious question: If the vaccine works, why masks? If the masks work, and the vaccine works, why lockdowns?

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