‘Politics Is About Power’: Former President Bill Clinton Says The Quiet Part Out Loud, Warns Democrats Of Impending Doom If They Don’t Change

Credit: Salon.com

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Middle America is located between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. It is considered the heartland of America and is made up of small-town values and family-oriented blue-collar workers. 

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It is also the area that the Democrat party has not only forgotten about but regards with disdain and disgust. The coastal elites look down upon the people who have made their homes in Jason Aldean’s Fly Over states. 

If someone asked the liberal establishment about their feelings towards Middle America, many would lie and say they like it. Others would be open about their dislike for the white area of America. They prefer the liberal wealthy states California and Connecticut. 

The American people are witnessing the feelings the Biden Administration and the Democrat party have for conservatives since he became President in January of 2021. The identity politics they practice have attacked conservatives across the country. 

Earlier this week, former President Bill Clinton gave a speech at the liberal indoctrination Institute of George Washington University. He was invited to provide his insight at a symposium honoring the late Madeline Albright. 

Clinton said that “defund the police and socialism” would not appeal to “people in the middle, especially like suburban middle-class voters, upper-middle-class voters,” claiming that they “had something to lose.” 

The defund the police movement originated after the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The Democrat Party used the incident to spark riots and unrest across the nation influencing the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election. 

However, the call to defund the police has now backfired on the Democrats. Skyrocketing crime rates across the nation have been a direct result of taking resources from law enforcement. Many in the Democrat Party have tried to capitalize on the rising violence. It is not working. 

It has unleashed a conservative fury across the country. It will lead to a red wave in the coming mid-term November elections. The Republican Party is expected to take control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate. 

Clinton was asked how the U.S. should handle existing threats to its democracy and his reply was simple. “By winning elections,” Clinton said. “You have to win,” he emphasized. “I wish I could be more comforting. But that’s it. It’s sad to believe.”

Former President Obama once said that elections have consequences. He said that when his party was winning the Congressional majorities. Shortly after saying it, the Democrats got thumped in the mid-term elections and he had to crawl back to the Republicans to negotiate his plans. 

It appears the Democrats have not learned from their mistakes. Biden followed his predecessor and completely abandoned middle America and its values. Now, they will pay a price at the Ballot Box. “Politics is about power,” Clinton said, adding that elections “are zero-sum games.”

Progressives hate the people that love the family, go to Church, have things that interest them more than politics, love guns, hold the Police and the Military in high esteem, and have patriotic values. This isn’t just middle America either. 

Hispanics are increasingly distancing themselves from the Democrat party because of the same values progressives hate. The expectation that the Latino population will instantly vote for Democrats is not going to happen. 

For all of Bill Clinton’s negatives as a person, he was an astute politician. He maximized his ability to appeal to various groups and when he warns his party about pending political doom, it is music to a Conservative’s ears. Let’s hope his warnings come to fruition. 

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