“Policing”; Psaki Gives Disconcerting Answer Regarding Vaccine Passports

It seems like just yesterday (in fact it was July 25th) when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that a vaccine mandate was “not the federal government’s role”.

However, in the slow, but nonetheless noticeable trudge towards an Orwellian police state, Psaki seems to have forgotten her comments late last month when yesterday, Psaki had some disconcerting and, frankly, scary comments concerning the Government’s role in policing these vaccine passports.

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As Kyle Becker of TrendingPolitics.com and BeckerNews reports, it was during Thursday’s press conference that Psaki flailed in answer to the barrage of questions concerning the update. “Private sector businesses around the country and other kinds of institutions that are setting requirements for vaccines and so forth, what guidance are you offering for how small businesses police that, if you’re in a restaurant situation, where you have wait staff or proprietors who would be challenging their own customers, what guidance does the federal government have for how they should be,” a reporter started to ask. “You mean, vaccine verification and how it’s approached?” Psaki jumped in, as if she could read the reporter’s mind. “You know, one, we do support efforts to incentivize workforces, of course, to protect their workforces and get more people vaccinated. We want to ensure that it’s done in a transparent way, that it’s in an equitable way, that if there are verification requirements, it can be done digitally, there are a range of ways to provide the information”.

Psaki’s final response to the reporter’s questions, Psaki finished “So, there are basic guidelines, along those lines, that we have conveyed, and we will continue to convey as people have questions.  And we understand different localities and communities will apply any verification measures in different ways.”.

In a final burst one of the reporters asked Psaki about the recent comments of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, saying that he is “… now fundraising off of President Biden’s comments for him to, quote, “get out of the way” of people trying to help out on the COVID surge in that state.  DeSantis has said, “I’m standing in your way,” “I’m not going anywhere.”  And referred to the President as a “power-hungry tyrant.”  What is your response to the governor and the administration’s response to the governor?  And is the President considering reaching out to the DeSantis to talk this over?”.

Psaki responded by saying, “ell, first, from day one, we’ve approached this not as a political issue, but a public health issue.  We remain in touch with officials in Florida, just like we’re in touch with officials from around the country about how we can provide assistance from the federal level to help address this public health crisis.”.

The idea that there isn’t a political dimension to the soiree is patently ridiculous given all that’s occurred, especially as it relates to the right of a person’s bodily autonomy and right to privacy.

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